Tea cup ride is also called coffee cup ride. It is a popular family rotary ride. Tea cup ride for sale in Dinis comes in different sizes. In addition to the common tea cup and coffee cup shapes, we also produce a new bee cup ride for kids. The theme of this cup ride is bees and flowers, which is very popular with children. In addition, we also have a carnival tea cups ride. It can make people have fun in carnivals. Bright colors and easy operation make our coffee cup amusement park ride popular. And we can also customize the theme and color you want. If you want to buy a teacup ride for your park, you can buy one from our factory. We sell to you at factory price, you can save your budget. And our after-sales service is good. You can rest assured inquiry and purchase.

We Have Tea Cup Amusement Park Rides for You in Different Capacities

coffee cup amusement park ride

The tea cup amusement ride we produce has different capacities. We have not only small capacity but also large capacity coffee cup amusement ride. The size and capacity of the cups on the device can be customized. You can purchase the teacup rides that suit you according to your budget and the number of tourists at your business place.

Large Capacity Tea Cup Ride

The large-capacity teacup amusement park ride produced by Dinis contains six or nine cups, and each cup can seat about 4 tourists. Therefore, the large-capacity coffee cup amusement ride we produce can accommodate about 24 to 36 people. Therefore, even if there are a lot of tourists who come to visit, they will not wait too long.

large tea cup ride for sale
small teacup amusement ride

Small Capacity Teacup Ride

The small capacity tea cup ride for sale in our factory has four or six cups. If the size of the cup is small, then a cup can accommodate one or two tourists. If the cup size is large, then a cup can hold three or four visitors. Therefore, a small-capacity coffee cup amusement park ride can accommodate about 4 to 12 people. You can buy according to your budget.

Kids New Rotating Bee Cup Ride for Your Park Business

In addition to the common tea cup and coffee cup shapes, we also produce cup rides with other themes, such as the hot new bee cup ride. The theme of this cup ride is bees and flowers. Seats are honey jars. There is a bee on each honey jar. In the center of the device is the shape of a flower. It can be seen from the shape of this cup ride that it is specially designed for children. At the same time, it is popular because of its cute shape. Both adults and children love this theme of cups ride. It is more suitable for children to experience. So if you want to buy a new cup ride for your amusement park business, you can choose our bee cup amusement park ride. It will attract more visitors for you. Therefore, your business will be successful.

Carnival Tea cup Ride for You

There will be celebrations during carnival. It means that at carnival there are a lot of people coming together to celebrate the event. So there are many activities and recreational activities on this day. What is essential is a variety of recreational facilities. Our coffee cup ride is specially designed for carnivals. The bright colors of the Carnival tea cups amusement ride make it more suitable for carnival activities. Besides this tea cup carnival ride, we have many other rides for carnival. We will recommend you the most suitable coffee cup ride for carnival. Whether it is in the grand carnival festival, or in other festivals, this carnival tea cup ride for sale in Dinis is suitable for your amusement park. So you can buy one for your park.

carnival tea cup ride for sale
coffee cup rides for carnival

3 Reasons Why Dinis Amusement Tea Cup Ride is So Popular

There are many reasons why the Dinis coffee cup amusement ride is so popular. For example, bright colors, simple operation and customized service are what you like.

  • Bright colors

    The reason why the spinning tea cup ride for sale in our factory is brightly colored is because the casing of the device is made of fiberglass. The density of FRP is low, and its plasticity is excellent. The shell made of fiberglass is easy to color, and the surface is smooth and beautiful. It is also corrosion resistant. Therefore, it will stay in bright colors all the time. So you don’t have to worry about it fading. Welcome your purchase.

  • Simple operation

    Our spinning cups ride has a control cabinet. There are many buttons on the control cabinet. Different buttons have different functions. The switch button controls the start and stop of the coffee cup amusement ride. There is a button to adjust the speed. There is also an emergency button to ensure a quick stop of the device in any emergency situation. These buttons do exactly what you need to run your business.

  • Customized service

    We can customize it for you according to your requirements. For example, we can add music and lighting effects to teacup rides. In this way, the experience of passengers can be enhanced. In addition, we can also customize the theme and style you want for you. An attractive theme will attract more tourists for you. You’ll also earn more.

Why Can You Get Coffee Cup Ride at Factory Price in Our Factory?

Price of an amusement teacup ride depends on several factors, including product capacity, design, shipping cost, etc. What we can promise is that you can buy quality spinning mad tea cup ride at factory price if you choose us. The main reason we sell tea cup ride at factory price is because we are the manufacturer. After we produce the coffee cup ride, we will send it directly to you. You are dealing with us, a manufacturer. There are no middlemen and no extra fees on your part. This way, you can save a lot of money on your budget.

Except for the cup rides like tea cup ride and bee cup ride which are factory price, other amusement rides we produce are also factory price. Such as flying chairs, carousels, train rides, pirate ship rides, bumper cars, etc. So if your budget is small or you want to save money, you can choose to buy tea cup ride for sale in Dinis. We will give you the most favorable price and the best after-sales service, you can buy with confidence.

Buy Quality Tea Cup Rides for Sale at Factory Price
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Tea cup ride for sale in Dinis is sold all over the world every year and has been well received by customers and tourists. We have different capacities of coffee cup park ride for you to choose. You can also choose our new bee cup ride for children. The facility has a lovely theme and is attractive. You can also choose our teacup ride for carnival. It is suitable for carnivals, various festivals and celebrations. At the same time, we can also provide you with customized services. So if you need anything, you can tell us, we will customize it for you. As for the price, all our equipment including coffee cup rides are factory price. So you can buy with confidence.

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