Flying disk O ride is a rotating exciting amusement equipment. Disk O for sale in Dinis has won praise from customers and tourists for its unique appearance and safe and comfortable experience. We produce disk O coaster in U shape and W shape. Large capacity and high safety factor are the characteristics of disk O ride. You need to pay attention to safety when running your business, and remind visitors to read the safety instructions carefully. Dinis will provide you with the best service and the highest quality products. If you have any questions, you can contact us anytime.

flying disk o for sale

How Disk O Coaster Works

disk o ride for sale

Disk O for sale in Dinis is a ride that is well received by tourists. It’s like a big turntable. When it is running, the turntable in the middle, that is, the cockpit, will slide back and forth along the curved track. At the same time, the cockpit will also rotate 360 degrees. Therefore, its novel shape and beautiful decoration attract tourists to experience it. When the device is running, passengers will feel excited and stimulated with the sliding and rotating of the turntable. Disk O ride is composed of mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical systems. It’s easy to operate and worth your investment. In the playground, riders spin and lift on a disk O coaster. So they will have a good experience and a pleasant trip. Welcome your inquiry.

U-Shaped and W-Shaped Disk O Ride for Sale

Dinis disk O ride is divided into two types. One is U-shaped and the other is W-shaped. U and W refer to its track shape. But these two devices should be placed in an open area. In an emergency, the open environment is conducive to the rapid evacuation of tourists. In the area where tourists wait in line or rest, the ground should be flat. And it is best to do anti-skid treatment on the ground. Both disk O rides have their own advantages. So you can buy U-shaped or W-shaped disk O coaster according to your budget and your business place.

carnival flying disk O ride
carnival flying disk O

Advantages of Dinis Disk O Coaster

carnival disk O amusement ride

What Do You Need to Pay Attention to?

  • First, tourists who are too young or too short cannot take the disk O ride. They are not suitable for riding on such stimulating equipment.
  • Second, you have to repeatedly remind tourists to read the safety precautions before riding. Safety notices should be posted in the waiting area of tourists and tourists should be reminded to read it carefully.
  • Third, remind tourists to fasten their seat belts before the operation of the equipment, and do not untie the seat belts at will to avoid accidents.
  • Fourth, you must warn visitors not to climb over the safety barrier. They have to wait in line outside the fence.
disk o carnival ride for sale

In addition to the above points, you have a lot to pay attention to. For the safety of tourists and for the normal operation of your business, you must always pay attention to the situation of tourists. If you have any other questions, please contact us.

What Can Dinis Offer You?

Every customer wants to buy the products they need at the lowest price. But apart from the price, you also need to consider the quality, design and etc. of the product. The disk O ride from Dinis is not only affordable, but also looks great. In addition to reasonable price and qualified quality, we can also provide you with good packaging and good after-sales service. I believe you will not regret after purchasing our disk O coaster. We can provide you with a disk O at factory price that satisfies you.

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So if you need to buy disk O ride, you can contact us. We will provide you with high-quality products and services.

  • In terms of packaging, we use standard packaging and professional loading methods. So you don’t have to worry about the goods will be damaged. After production, we guarantee that the disk O ride and other rides will be delivered safely, promptly and quickly.
  • We also have good after-sales service. After you receive the disk O for sale in Dinis, we will provide you with detailed installation instructions, including text, pictures and video instructions. If necessary, we can send technical engineers to your country or region to guide you in the installation. You only need to pay for the engineer’s round-trip travel expenses and arrange accommodation and food for him.

Dinis specializes in the production and sale of various large, medium and small amusement facilities. We have rich export experience. Disk O for sale in our factory is available in U-shape and W-shape. Although these two devices have double safety protection measures, you should also remind visitors to read safety instructions and wear seat belts. So if you are looking for an exciting ride for your amusement park, you may consider purchasing our disk O coaster. We produce high-quality products and have good after-sales service. So Dinis is your best choice. Looking forward to cooperating with you.

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