A royal horse carriage for sale is a classic but luxurious design. Unlike an antique train amusement park ride that simulates a steam train or a golf cart that is more like a car, a horse drawn carriage ride simulates the antique European-style carriage. It can be driven by horse or electricity. Therefore, this horseless electric carriage is a kind of modern vehicle and tourists can take it for sightseeing. Furthermore, it also has other functions such as working as photography props. Are you interested in this beautiful carriage? Here are the details on Dinis electric horse carriage for sale for your reference.

Royal Horse Carriage for Sale on the Road

What’s the Price of a Modern Royal Carriage for Sale?

Cinderella Horse and Carriage WeddingLuxurious Royal Hose Carriage

The price of a royal horse carriage for sale varies from the capacity, size, design, type, and material. Generally speaking, it ranges from $3,000 to $8,000. If you want an accurate price, please fill in the contact form. We will give you a free quote on the wedding horse carriage for sale you choose. In addition, discount on the item is available. And the more royal horse drawn carriages you order, the big the discount will be. Don’t wait any more, contact us to get detail info on our horseless carriage car.

Simple design

  • 2-4 Seats
  • Simple decoration

Luxury design

  • 4-8 seats
  • Luxurious decoration

Multiple Royal Horse Carriage for Sale Designs for Your Choice

As a royal carriage company, we offer royal carriages in different capacities and designs, including pumpkin carriage for sale, royal horse carriage ride, European-style horse carriage ride, wedding carriages for sale, and so on. Here are details on the four royal carriages for your reference.

Pumpkin horse carriage

Have you seen A Cinderella Story? If yes, you should know the romance of pumpkin carriage. A Cinderella pumpkin carriage is a whimsical, ornate vehicle. It resembles a giant pumpkin that has been transformed into an elegant mode of transportation. This type of wagon ride has a lovely design. It is mainly in white tone and has an interior hollow carriage. Additionally, the golden metal pumpkin carriage looks gorgeous. It is also popular with the public.

Metal Pumpkin Carriage

Royal horse carriage ride

Red Royal Electric Horse Drawn Carriage Ride

A royal carriage ride is a spectacle of elegance. Its color scheme is usually black, red and gold. Furthermore, it features intricate designs with elements such as gold leaf embellishments and exquisite metalwork. The royal wagon reflects the historical and cultural significance of the monarchy. Nowadays, a royal horse carriage is fit for not only parades, royal ceremonies, weddings, but also amusement parks, carnivals and other public occasions.

European-style carriage for sale

An European-style horse carriage is a traditional and elegant mode of transportation. It has been used for centuries across Europe. Tourists can get an experience of tradition and elegance when they ride on our carriage ride. Besides, to protect passengers from the elements, we equip the car with a foldable canopy. If needed, we can change the canopy into a fixed roof. What’s more, the body of the carriage is mounted on a strong chassis with large spoked wheels, and the car is equipped with a shock absorber. Hence, you can even drive the carriage on cobblestone streets and country roads.

Wedding carriages for sale

Beautiful Wedding Carriages for Sale in Hollow Design

Royal wedding horse carriage for sale is designed specifically for use in wedding ceremonies and celebrations. Most wedding carriages are white or in soft, neutral colors to match the traditional wedding aesthetic. You can find decorative elements such as flowers on the wedding wagon. In addition, we offer additional ornaments like silk curtains, plush carpeting, and ornamental lanterns if needed.

In general, the classic black one is the hot-selling royal horse carriage for sale. The pink electric princess carriage car is ladies’ and girls’ favorite. The golden metal pumpkin carriage is luxurious. It is often used in carnivals. And the white Cinderella hose-drawn carriage for sale is sacred. It is the best choice for weddings. Do you like any of the four designs? Contact us to get the details on them!

Metal Pumpkin Carriage

Do You Want a Custom-built Royal Horse Wagon?

As a royal horse carriage manufacturer and supplier, we offer custom service. Any aspect of the wagon, such as color, design, size, logo, and additional requirements is customizable. Here is a successful deal for your reference. Three months ago, we produced a custom-built royal horse carriage for sale for a buyer from Malaysia, who owned a photographic studio. He wanted an all-white car with angel decorations. Finally, we made a satisfactory item for him.

Do you also want a unique Cinderella horse carriage for sale? Feel free to let us know your needs at any time. We will confirm your requests with our designer and engineer and then tell you whether your proposal is feasible.

Does Royal Horse Carriage for Sale Require a Driver?

Yes, both a horse drawn carriage ride and an electric horseless carriage require a driver.

  • As for a horse-drawn wedding carriage, a driver often is the person responsible for driving and guiding the royal wagon. They should handle the horses and ensure the safety of passengers during the tour. Hence, the driver players a crucial role in controlling the pace of the carriage, navigating the route and ensuring a pleasant experience for those on board.
  • While as for a horseless carriage car, a human driver should control its operations. This car has a large bearing steering wheel, pedal hydraulic brakes and handbrakes, which is similar to a sedan car but has a easier operation. So even you are a novice driver, you pick up driving the car quickly.

To sum up, royal carriage has many functions at present times. On the one hand, it serves as a vehicle for sightseeing. On the other hand, it can be a props for studio and other businesses. Different designs of royal carriages are suitable for diverse venues and events. Also there are traditional royal horse wagon and modern electric horseless carriage for your choice. If you want to add a sense of elegant touch to your park, this royal wagon ride must be a good choice. By the way, it costs about the same as a golf cart and is cheaper than a train ride for sale. Don’t wait any more. The royal horse and carriage is worth investing in. Warmly welcome your inquiry and purchase.

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