Nowadays, trackless train for tourist is becoming more and more popular. Electric trackless train for tourist is the most common. It runs on batteries and is easy to maintain. The trackless electric sightseeing train can enhance the tourism attraction of scenic spots and promote the development of tourism industry in a city or region. At the same time, the sightseeing train can also provide tourists with a unique experience. Dinis manufactures electric sightseeing trains of all sizes. The theme, color, lights and capacity of the train can all be customized. Our trackless touring electric train is air-conditioned. So tourists can keep cool in summer. Its price varies by size and theme. So you need to buy the right size battery operated trackless train according to your budget and your business place. Dinis will provide you with the best plan, the best price and the best service.

Popular Small and Large Electric Trackless Tour  Train Rides for Sale

small electric trackless train

Mini Trackless Battery Powered Tourist Train for Sale

Small electric trackless sightseeing trains have a smaller capacity. So it can generally accommodate a dozen to twenty people, and each cabin can seat 3 to 4 people. The smallest trackless train can seat 4 to 6 people. So the small tourist trackless electric train occupies less space. It’s also more flexible at runtime. It is suitable for use in scenic spots with a small number of tourists or small scenic spots.

Large Electric Sightseeing Train Ride for Sale

The large battery powered trackless sightseeing electric train has a larger capacity. So it can accommodate 20 or 40 people. But the largest trackless train in Dinis has two large cabins, which can accommodate about 70 people. Each large cabin can accommodate 35 people. If there are too many passengers and more than 70 people ride, there will be safety hazards. The large trackless electric touring train covers a large area and can carry a large number of tourists. So it is suitable for playgrounds or scenic spots with a large number of tourists.

large electric trackless train

Dinis manufactures electric trackless trains of all sizes. Whether it is small or large electric trackless train for tourist, we can produce it for you. We will provide you with trackless electric tourist train that satisfy you.

Customized Trackless Sightseeing Electric Train for You

electric trackless train ride
large electric trackless train ride

Our factory has hot sale electric trackless train for tourist in existing styles and colors. You can buy a selection of trains from these already available styles. If your budget is sufficient, you can also choose to let us customize the color, theme, lights and capacity of the train for you. Custom trackless electric sightseeing trains will look more personalized. Dinis welcomes your inquiry and purchase.

Advantages of Dinis Electric Trackless Tour Train

  • Air conditioner: Each cabin of the electric trackless train for tourist has an air conditioner. Especially in the hot summer, tourists are tired and want to rest. They can take the sightseeing train to the rest site or to the next ride. At this time, the air conditioner has played a huge role. It allows visitors to relax and rest better.

  • Themes and styles: We have trackless battery operated sightseeing trains in various themes and styles. You can choose a suitable theme style according to your business place.

  • Disabled compartment: The last compartment of the trackless electric tourist train can accommodate wheelchairs. The last two rows of seats in the last compartment are removable. If you have passengers in wheelchairs, you can remove the last two rows of seats. In this way, the disabled can also enjoy the fun of the electric trackless tour train.

  • Good service: The warranty period of Dinis trackless battery powered tourist train is one year. After the warranty period, we will always provide you with technical support. You can contact us anytime if you have any questions.

amusement trackless train ride for sale

Battery Operated Trackless Tourist Train Price

Size and theme are the main factors that affect the price of an electric trackless train for tourist. The larger its size or capacity, the higher the cost and the higher its price. The prices of trackless electric touring trains with different themes are also different. Some custom-made or uniquely designed train rides are more expensive. You can buy trackless electric sightseeing train according to your budget. If your budget is sufficient, we can customize patterns or themes for you. Dinis will provide you with trackless battery operated tour train rides that satisfy you according to your budget and your business place. We will give you the best price and high quality products. You can buy with confidence.

battery operated trackless train ride

How to Choose a Suitable Touring Trackless Electric Train?

  • First of all, you need to choose a manufacturer to buy electric trackless train for tourist. Middlemen have higher prices for their products. While buying high-quality products, in order to save budget, you should buy from manufacturers. Dinis is your best choice. We have rich experience in production and sale.

  • Then, you can choose a suitable electric trackless tourist train according to your business place. If the scenic spot has a large passenger flow, you can buy a trackless train with large size and large capacity. If you don’t know whether to buy big or small train rides, we can give you reasonable advice. We will provide you with battery operated trackless train rides for tourist that satisfy you. You can buy with confidence.

Dinis electric trackless train for tourist is suitable for various amusement parks or scenic spots. Both kids and adults love it. The trackless tourist trains of various sizes we produce are sold to countries all over the world every year, and have been well received. Many customers also ask us to help them customize electric trackless tour train. Our trains are themed and air-conditioned. Dinis electric trackless train is your best choice. It’s high quality and reasonably priced. Dinis looks forward to cooperating with you.

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