vintage style ferris wheel for sale

Are you looking for a vintage amusement equipment? Do you want to buy a Ferris wheel for your amusement park? Then the Dinis vintage sky wheel is perfect for you. Our vintage Ferris wheel for sale in Los Angeles is the best proof. Aaron is from Los Angeles. He wants to buy a vintage Ferris wheel for his amusement park. We recommended the large capacity sky wheel to him. And we customized vintage color for him. He is very satisfied.

Large Capacity Vintage Ferris Wheel for Sale in Los Angeles

Part of Aaron’s amusement park is vintage themed. In this area, there are many vintage carnival rides (vintage carousel horse ride, vintage amusement train ride and vintage swing ride, etc.). But there is also a vintage sky wheel missing. So he wanted to buy one for his business place from Dinis.

His business place has a large area where observation wheels can be installed. So we recommended the vintage Ferris wheel with large capacity to him. This giant sky wheel has 24 cabins and can accommodate 96 passengers. Its height is 42m. And its footprint is 26*23m. After Aaron measured the size of the open space of his business place, he thought that the equipment we recommended to him was very suitable for his business place. Therefore, he quickly placed an order. If you also want to buy vintage Ferris wheel, you can tell us the size of your business place. We will recommend you the vintage observation wheel that suits you.

large capacity vintage ferris wheel for sale for business
large capacity sky wheel vintage ride for sale

We also Have Small Capacity Observation Wheel for You

The large capacity vintage sky wheel purchased by Aaron is suitable for people of all ages. Not only can adults ride, parents can take their children to ride. They sit together on a high vintage Ferris wheel, which can enjoy the charming scenery in the distance. But if your budget is small or your business place is not very large, you can buy small vintage sky wheel. Although the capacity of vintage mini Ferris wheel is not large, it is popular. Lots of little kids love our this device. So our small vintage sky wheel can make you pay back quickly. Welcome your inquiry.

12-seater mini ferris wheel for sale
10-seater vintage small sky wheel for business

Do You Want to Customize a Vintage Sky Wheel?

customized vintage observation wheel

We can customize vintage observation wheels for you. Whether it is color, theme, decoration or capacity, we can customize it for you. Aaron wanted to change the color of the large Ferris wheel . So we customized vintage red, green and so on for him. Therefore, you just need to tell us your requirements and what event or occasion you want to use vintage sky wheel for. We will provide you with solutions until you are satisfied. Welcome your purchase.

Our vintage observation wheel uses high-quality steel and fiberglass materials in the production process. It is durable and not easy to fade. So our vintage Ferris wheel is becoming more and more popular. If you are looking for vintage amusement facilities like Aaron, you can contact us. We will provide you with high quality vintage sky wheel. And no matter it is vintage sky wheel or other vintage equipment, we will recommend high quality and low price equipment for you. Look forward to cooperating with you.

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