Amusement train is a very popular amusement equipment, which can basically be seen in amusement parks or malls. One of the most common is the Christmas train amusement ride. It can be seen at Christmas or some theme parks. Especially when Christmas is coming, there are not only Christmas trees, but also other items with Christmas colors or atmosphere. At this time, the Christmas train is a good choice. We produce track trains, trackless trains, ride on trains, high quality trains with decorations for Christmas, Xmas trains in all sizes, as well as Christmas electric trains and diesel trains. If you want to buy special trains, we can also customize Xmas train rides for you. Christmas train ride for sale in Dinis can meet your requirements. After you tell us your needs, we will answer your doubts and provide you with a quote for Christmas Santa train.

Christmas train ride

Top 3 Most Popular Xmas Trains for Sale in Our Factory

The three most popular Christmas trains available at our factory are train with tracks, trackless trains and ride on trains. Our Christmas Santa train rides are very popular. You can choose to buy different train ride for Xmas according to your place and usage. You can choose the trackless train, track train or ride on train you want.

Train Rides With Tracks for Christmas

Xmas Trackless Train Rides

Christmas Ride on Trains

The special material of our train track makes the track of the train not easy to damage, which makes the Christmas train ride for sale more popular. The material of train’s track is galvanized steel. Galvanizing prevents steel from rusting and prolongs the life of train tracks. Our Christmas train tracks not only have special materials, but also have various types of tracks to meet your different needs. The types of tracks are Round, Ellipse, B-shaped, 8-shaped, and we also can customize track according to your venue. And please tell us if you have special requirements, for example, you want the track be ups and downs.

Compared with track trains, trackless trains have no fixed place of use, while track trains are suitable for use in fixed places with tracks. Trackless trains are widely used in scenic spots, squares, parks, amusement parks, schools and other indoor and outdoor places. If you want tourists to take a train ride to reach a certain amusement ride at the entrance of a scenic spot or amusement park, you can buy a small Xmas electric trackless sightseeing train or a Christmas trackless diesel train for tourist.

The most obvious feature of the ride on train is that it is different from sightseeing trains in appearance. Sightseeing trains are made by imitating the shape of trains, and basically have carriages. Ride on trains generally have no carriages. If you want tourists to have a view around the lake, you can choose to buy a ride on Christmas track train. The novel shapes and riding methods will attract a large number of tourists and bring better economic benefits.

track train for Christmas
trackless train for Christmas
Xmas train ride on

High Quality Christmas Train Ride for Sale With Amazing Decoration

We produce high quality trains and trains with attractive decorations. Some of them are trains with light or music. The Xmas trains we sell are high quality and cheap, and the lights, music and other decorations can attract more children and adults. In scenic spots or amusement parks, the exterior and interior decoration of trains is a way to attract tourists. Light and music will first attract visitors visually and audibly. Therefore, when buying a train ride, you should not only pay attention to the quality of the train, but also whether the train is attractive. We believe that Dinis Xmas train is a better choice for you.

Christmas train with decoration

What Sizes of Xmas Santa Train You Can Choose

Small Christmas Train Ride for Sale

Small trains are suitable for backyards or small gardens. Do you want to buy a mini Xmas train for your backyard or garden? Our small train for Christmas with 4 to 6 seats is suitable for you. You can also buy any other small size Xmas trains you want for your backyard and garden. Purchasing the backyard and garden Christmas Santa train will bring you a different experience at Christmas, and will make you have an unforgettable memory.

Large Xmas Train Ride for Sale

For large indoor and outdoor places such as amusement parks and theme parks, you can buy large Christmas trains and small trains at the same time. We have big trains with 24 seats and 40 seats. We can also customize it for you according to your needs. Whether it’s Christmas or Xmas theme park, kids and adults can have a great experience. In this way, children will be happy, and adults will find the fun of childhood.

small train ride for kids
large Xmas train

If you are not sure whether you want to buy a small train or a large train for Christmas, you can tell us and we will give you advice.

Electric/Battery/Diesel Train for Christmas, Which One to Choose?

Electric/Battery Christmas Santa Train Ride

Most of the trains we produce are electric trains. The train can be fully charged in 6 to 7 hours. Charge it at night and use it during the day. The trackless train can run for 8 to 10 hours. So you don’t have to worry about how long the train will run on a full charge. More importantly, electric trains can protect the environment from pollution.

Suggestion:To avoid battery damage: When charging, the charging time should not be too long or too short; when the train ride is not used for a long time, you should fully charge it in advance.

Diesel Christmas Train Amusement Ride

There are also some train Christmas rides that use diesel engines. Compared with electric Xmas trains, its advantages are higher power, and simpler daily maintenance. You don’t have to worry about charging or changing the battery after the battery runs out quickly. As long as you prepare enough diesel, it can go all the time.

electric Christmas train for sale
diesel Xmas train ride for sale

Custom Themed Christmas Train Ride for Sale

In addition to top 3 popular Xmas Santa trains, high quality decorated Christmas trains, trains of different sizes, electric trains and diesel trains for Christmas, we also support custom themed Xmas trains. For example, if you want us to help you customize a themed Xmas train, you can choose Thomas Christmas train, Mickey and Minnie Christmas train, vintage Christmas train and other themed train facilities. Not limited to a single theme of train facilities, a variety of themes will be more attractive to tourists, especially children.

You Can Add Some Shops to Increase Your Income

After purchasing custom themed trains, you can add some milk tea shops, coffee shops, and food shops. Different patterns of biscuits and drinks can be provided according to different themes. These shops can increase the experience and satisfaction of tourists. We believe that themed trains will bring you better benefits. So if you want to buy themed Xmas trains for Christmas this year, you can contact us. Even if you want to customize themed Christmas Santa trains, we can do it for you.

Christmas trackless train ride for sale
Christmas trackless train

How to Get Christmas Train Quotes?

Each customer has different needs, and the Xmas trains we produce are different.

  • First, you can fill in your contact information and requirements for the Xmas train. Santa Electric train or diesel train, the capacity of the Christmas train amusement ride and other requirements.
  • Second, we will contact you according to the contact information you filled in, and then communicate with you according to your request for Xmas train.
  • Third, we will provide you with a quote for train Christmas ride according to your needs.

The price, quality and appearance of different amusement equipment are different. So you must choose the manufacturer carefully when purchasing Xmas train amusement rides.

Xmas train rides

The Christmas train amusement rides produced in Dinis are of qualified quality and are sold all over the world every year. You can choose Xmas electric trains or diesel trains of various styles, sizes and themes. We can also customize the Christmas Santa train for you. If you want to buy train rides for Christmas, or are interested in our Christmas train ride for sale, or if you have any needs, you can contact us!

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