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Our factory produces all kinds of carnival amusement facilities. Many of these facilities are selling well and have been unanimously recognized by customers. Outdoor Christmas Ferris wheel for sale in our factory is popular. This is because the lights, color and style are attractive. We have large and small  sky wheels for Christmas for your business. We can also customize the theme, color and logo of Ferris wheel for you. Although there are customized services, you don’t have to worry about the quality of our Ferris wheel. Our sky wheels are durable and low maintenance. If your budget is not large, we can also recommend observation wheels within your budget.

And if you want to buy more amusement equipment for your amusement park business, we can also recommend others for you. Such as Christmas train ride and bounce cloud ride. Or thrilling rides like the disco tagada ride. Looking forward to your inquiry and purchase.

Do You Like Outdoor Xmas Ferris Wheel with Beautiful Lights?

outdoor Xmas ferris wheel for sale for business

The outdoor Christmas Ferris wheel for sale in our factory is an exciting entertainment equipment. It has an attractive LED light decoration. LED lights are an efficient, durable and energy-saving lighting technology, and their application in amusement facilities brings a unique visual enjoyment to passengers. During the day, these lights are used as decorations, which will make the overall equipment more special. At night, these lights will make the observation wheel more beautiful. The decoration of LED lights can also be adjusted according to different scenes and festivals. At Christmas, you can turn the lights into red, green and white lights to create a warm and festive atmosphere. In addition to Christmas, you can always use it during normal business and other festivals.

A Large Xmas Sky Wheel or A Small Xmas Ferris Wheel, which One do You Want to Buy?

Outdoor Giant Christmas Observation Wheel for Sale

Large outdoor Christmas Ferris wheel for sale in our factory can accommodate 48 to 216 passengers. The 48-seat carnival Ferris wheel has 12 cabins. Its height is 20m, and its footprint is 17*14m. As the capacity of the Ferris wheel increases, its height is higher and its footprint is larger. Especially the Sky wheel that can accommodate 216passengers. It has 36 cabins, each of which can accommodate 6 passengers. Its footprint is also larger at 38*32m. If you are running an amusement park business, you can consider buying this big Christmas Ferris wheel in our factory. It will definitely attract more tourists to come and play. You’ll also earn more. Welcome your inquiry.

outdoor large sky wheel for sale

Outdoor Mini Xmas Ferris Wheel for Sale

There are two types of small outdoor Christmas observation wheels. One is a small Christmas Ferris wheel for kids. It can accommodate 10 to 24 passengers. Its style and theme are specially designed for children. It is suitable for building in children’s playgrounds and parks. The other is a smaller version of the large Xmas Ferris wheel. It can probably accommodate more than 30 people. It is suitable for building in amusement parks and parks. Compared with the sky wheel for children, it has a higher height and a larger footprint. You can purchase according to the area of your business place and the applicable crowd.

Custom Outdoor Christmas Ferris Wheel for Sale

Besides the outdoor Christmas carousel wheel we manufacture, we can also customize the color, style and logo of Ferris wheel for you. For example, we can customize the color of outdoor Xmas Ferris wheel to red and white for you. We can also design some Christmas elements on the outdoor Ferris wheel. If you want to add your brand name logo or other patterns on the observation wheel, we can also customize it for you. In addition, if you have any needs, you can tell us, and we will try our best to provide you with a satisfactory solution.

custom Christmas ferris wheel for sale

Why Choose Our Outdoor Christmas Sky Wheel for Your Business?

So, why choose our Dinis outdoor Xmas observation wheel? Of course because our Ferris wheel has many advantages.

  • First, the maintenance cost is low. Our Xmas observation wheel is less expensive to maintain than other rides. You don’t need to replace parts or repair frequently. To some extent, this can save you time, money and energy.

  • Second, attractive. Lights, music and design will attract a lot of tourists. Among them are parents and children, couples or friends. Tourists can watch the distant scenery on the outdoor Christmas Ferris wheel. The more tourists come to play, the more you will earn.

  • Third, it is sturdy and durable. Outdoor Christmas Ferris wheel for sale in Dinis is durable. Even in the event of heavy wind and snow, it will still be intact. Therefore, if the weather in your country or region is unpredictable, you can consider buying our Xmas sky wheel.

  • Fourth, good after-sales service. The warranty period of our outdoor observation wheel for Christmas and other rides is one year. During this period, we can help you repair the equipment for free. But even after the warranty period, we can always provide you with technical support. You can buy with confidence.

outdoor ferris wheel for Christmas

Outdoor Christmas Ferris wheel for sale in Dinis with lights is available in different sizes. You can buy our outdoor Christmas Ferris wheel according to your business place and budget. If your business place is larger, you can buy a giant carousel wheel. Otherwise you buy a small Ferris wheel. Whether tourists come to play with family, friends, or creating new memories with loved ones, our Xmas Ferris Wheel will leave them with a precious experience and memories. If you have any special needs, you can also tell us, we will try our best to meet your needs. Whether you have requirements on color, theme, style or other aspects, we will also help you customize. Low cost of maintenance, attractive, sturdy are the characteristics of our Ferris wheel. At the same time, we will also provide you with good after-sales service. You can contact us if you have any questions.

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