Rainbow slides have become very popular in recent years. Here is an example of rainbow slide rides for sale in Enhanted Kingdom. The Filipino customer’s concerns should be the concerns of most customers. The following is the introduction of the material, price and advantages of the rainbow slide.

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Material Advantages of Rainbow Slide Rides for Sale in Enhanted Kingdom

The main material of the rainbow slideway is high-density polyethylene (PE). And this material has many advantages. First, it is resistant to low temperatures. The minimum operating temperature of this material can reach minus 100 degrees Celsius to minus 70 degrees Celsius. This material is also resistant to corrosion. So you don’t have to worry about the material being easily damaged. The material is also characterized by high ductility. Even if there are a large number of tourists, there will be no damage to the rainbow slide. Slides made of PE look colorful and beautiful. The rainbow slide in the picture and video we sent to this Filipino customer is the feedback from the customer who has received the goods. And the rainbow slide will make your amusement park or scenic spot more distinctive.

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Price of Rainbow Slide Rides for Sale in Enhanted Kingdom

The Filipino customer asked about the price. Dinis has a preferential system for customers. If your venue is larger, we will also reduce the price per square meter of rainbow slides. This Filipino customer told us his budget, and we recommended a suitable rainbow slide for him. Just like him, you can tell us your site size and budget, and we will give you suggestions. And will give you the best price. You can buy with confidence.

Advantages of Rainbow Slide Rides

The client was also concerned about the advantages of the rainbow ride. He cares about whether it can attract tourists, whether he can use it for a long time, whether he can operate the rainbow slide in winter, and so on. Here are a few advantages about rainbow slides, you can read carefully.

rainbow slide for amusement
  • First, the colors are bright and attractive. The rainbow slide is a newly emerging amusement project, and it has rich colors. So it will be more attractive to tourists.
  • Second, it’s more exciting. When tourists slide down from the starting point, they will be more excited and happier. Especially when the length of the slideway is longer, the experience of tourists will be better.
  • Third, it is suitable for people of all ages. The rainbow slide is an amusement project suitable for people of all ages. But if there are very young children, it is safer to be accompanied by parents.
  • Fourth, there are no restrictions on the operating site. It can be built in scenic spots, resorts, parks, playgrounds, and theme parks.
  • Fifth, there are no restrictions on operating seasons. Temperature does not affect rainbow slides. It can also be built in ski resorts, water parks. Whether it is summer or winter, tourists can experience the fun of rainbow slide rides.

The example of rainbow slide rides for sale in Enhanted Kingdom can be a part of what you want to know about rainbow slides: material, price, advantages. If you want to know other content, you can follow and contact us.

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