Kangaroo jump ride for sale in Dinis is a popular ride, found in many large playgrounds and parks. It is suitable for children or family play. The Jumping kangaroo is made of fiberglass. So it is durable and not easy to fade. Its biggest feature is that the seat is in the shape of a kangaroo. Kangaroo jumping rides have two protective measures, seat belts and safety bars. And its price is the price of factory direct sales. You can run your business in children’s parks and playgrounds. Welcome your consultation and purchase.

jumping kangaroo ride

How Kangaroo Jump Ride Works

How does the kangaroo jump ride for sale in Dinis work?

The principle is simple. After the air compressor is turned on by the control cabinet, the compressed air enters the air storage tank. After reaching the rated pressure, the air compressor stops running, and the compressed air is controlled by the solenoid valve and sent to the air spring at the lower end of the boom. The air spring is controlled by the solenoid valve to control the air intake and exhaust to drive the arm to move up and down, so that the passengers sitting on the seat follow the ups and downs of the mechanical arm while the kangaroo jumping rides rotate and run. Jumping kangaroo rides are family spin rides for all ages. If you are buying rides for your park, you can buy our kangaroo jumping rides. And if you want to purchase other amusement equipment, we can give you recommendations.

kangaroo jumping ride
kangaroo jumping

What Features Make Dinis Kangaroo Jumping Facility so Popular?

kangaroo jump ride
jumping kangaroo

If you want to buy a ride in your park for children or for parents and children, then you can choose Dinis kangaroo jumping amusement rides. If you also need other rides at the same time, we will also recommend the amusement rides you need. We will also give you the best price and best service, you can buy with confidence.

Protection measures for Jumping Kangaroo Ride

Safety protection measures are essential for amusement facilities. So our facilities have good protection measures. There are two protection measures for the Kangaroo jump ride for sale in Dinis, one is a seat belt and the other is a mechanical pressure bar. Since this type of ride involves high-speed bounces and the effects of gravity, safety measures are very important. The mechanical pressure bar can well fix the passenger’s body and prevent the passenger from sliding out of the seat due to inertia. During the running of jumping kangaroo, the pressure bar can play a very good protective role. Seat belts are the second protective measure. It is made of tough material. So it is completely guaranteed for the safety of tourists. Both seat belts and safety bars have been carefully designed and safety tested to ensure safe operation.

kangaroo jumping rides
amusement jumping kangaroo rides

Factory Price of Jumping Kangaroo Ride for sale  in Dinis

kangaroo jumping ride

When you’re shopping for rides, you want to buy quality at the factory price. So kangaroo jump ride for sale in Dinis is your best choice. Dinis is a manufacturer, we specialize in research, design, production and sale of various amusement facilities, which includes jumping kangaroo and other amusement rides. After the end of production, we will carefully pack the jumping kangaroo amusement ride and ship it to you. The prices of our rides are all factory prices. The prices of various amusement facilities sold by some middlemen are much higher than those sold directly by manufacturers. So if you want to save the budget, you can choose to buy jumping kangaroo amusement facilities from Dinis. Welcome your inquiry.

Where Can You Run Your Business?

Jumping kangaroo is similar to jumping amusement rides, both of which are bouncing and rotating rides. The kangaroo jump ride for sale in our factory is more suitable for children or families. And jumping amusement rides are more suitable for tourists who like exciting rides. Therefore, you can choose to run your business in places where there are many children, such as children’s playgrounds or amusement parks. Children will experience various rides with their parents. A large number of young people will also play in these places. In amusement parks and children’s playgrounds, jumping kangaroo is very popular. Therefore, you will earn more. If you need other amusement facilities, we will also recommend what you need and give you a reasonable price. Contact us quickly.

jumping kangaroo rides

Kangaroo jump ride for sale in Dinis is sold to various countries in the world every year, and has been well received by customers and local tourists. Rich colors make it very popular. The sturdy and durable features have also been unanimously recognized by customers. At the same time, it has passed strict safety tests before leaving the factory. And it has double protection measures, which can protect the safety of tourists to the greatest extent. Therefore, its safety factor is extremely high, and you don’t have to worry about its safety.

The prices of our jumping kangaroo and other amusement facilities are also factory prices. Therefore, you can save a big chunk of your budget. As for the business location, if you want to earn more, children’s playgrounds and amusement parks are your best choices. If you want to buy amusement rides now, but don’t know which ones to buy, then you can contact us. Then,we will recommend rides with good quality and reasonable price for you. Welcome your inquiry and purchase.

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