This is an order for large electric trackless train for sale in USA. A customer from the United States purchased a 40-seat electric sightseeing trackless train from our company. Before buying, he asked some questions. We solved the doubt for him. Here are a few questions about capacity and train ride prices and freight.

What is the Capacity of Large Electric Trackless Train for Sale in USA?

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Our big electric trackless tourist train can accommodate 40 to 72 people. This American client asked the price of a 40-seat train. A 40-seat trackless tour train generally has two carriages with five rows of seats in each carriage. There is also a locomotive, driven by a driver. Tourists take the train ride, shuttle in the playground, enjoy the surrounding scenery or go to different amusement facilities. We sent the video and pictures of this train ride to the customer, which was approved by the customer.

The Price of a 40-Seater Trackless Electric Tourist Train

The price of a 40-seater battery powered trackless sightseeing train ride is generally around $37,500.00. The American customer told us that the price of other manufacturers’ 40-seat electric trackless train ride is lower than ours. After comparison, we found that the size of each carriage of this train from other manufacturers is similar to ours. Each carriage can only seat up to 20 people, but they tell customers that each carriage can seat 28 people. It’s out of the question. Other manufacturers have not considered the comfort and safety of passengers. Therefore, in comparison, with the same specifications, our 40-seater trackless touring electric train ride is more comfortable and safe. The customer finally bought our this trackless battery powered sightseeing train. All train rides and other amusement equipment in our factory have been strictly tested and inspected to ensure quality and reliability. You can buy with confidence.

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Shipping Cost

The American customer also asked about shipping costs. Compared with the pneumonia epidemic in the past two years, the shipping cost is now cheaper. Due to changes in China’s epidemic prevention policies, people’s living conditions have gradually returned to what they were a few years ago. Therefore, the freight of our 40-seat trackless battery operated sightseeing train and other products is reasonable. You don’t have to worry about the high shipping cost after placing the order.

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The above is the description of the capacity, price and shipping cost of Dinis 40 seat battery operated trackless tourist train ride. This large electric trackless train for sale in USA is a good reflection of how seriously we design our trains. We sell our train ride to customers under the premise of ensuring the comfort and safety of tourists. Believe that our 40-seater trackless electric sightseeing train will attract more tourists for you and help you earn more. Welcome your inquiry and purchase. We look forward to cooperating with you.

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