Octopus carnival ride is a kind of large-scale rotating amusement equipment, which is found in many large amusement parks or parks. It is a thrilling amusement equipment. It has a giant octopus on top. Its appearance is rich in color. We also sell vintage carnival octopus ride. The Dinis octopus ride has a large capacity, high quality, and a reasonable price. Tourists will feel endless fun when they experience it. If you are shopping for a big thrilling ride for your amusement park then you can buy our octopus ride for carnival. Welcome your inquiry.

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What Makes Our Octopus Ride Attractive for Your Carnival Business?

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    Decoration with a big octopus: The Octopus ride is a large mechanical equipment. It looks like a giant octopus. Its central top is a large octopus. It gets its name from its octopus-like structure. Octopus are often the main focus of this thrilling amusement facility. The shape of the octopus is very realistic, especially its tentacles.

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    Two different arms: There are 5 long arms stretching out around the giant octopus. And several seats are attached to each arm. The 5 big arms of octopus rides have a Chinese dragon shape or a simple square shape. The dragon-shaped arm contains a fire dragon ball, and the dragon ball is connected to 3 or 4 seats in the shape of cartoon fish. The square arm is the same as the dragon arm, and the seat connected by the square arm is also four cartoon fish. With the rhythm of the music, the arms dance up and down, and the seat tilts and rotates with the ups and downs of the faucet, as if a group of fish are wandering freely in the ocean world, full of fun. The octopus carnival ride in Dinis is vivid and graceful in shape, which will bring more excitement to tourists. You can buy one for your amusement park.

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Colorful Carnival Octopus Amusement Equipment

The Octopus carnival ride comes in a variety of colors. The color of the octopus on top of each device varies from blue, yellow and purple. The color of the head of the octopus is also different, there are red, yellow and so on. The arms of the octopus ride also vary in color, from bright blue, yellow and red square arms to green dragon-shaped arms. If you need to purchase such a colorful amusement equipment, you can choose octopus ride. And if you want to buy other amusement equipment, we can recommend other facilities produced by Dinis. You can buy one octopus ride for your amusement park or fairground. Bright colors and unique shape design will attract more tourists for you. You will also earn more.

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Carnival Vintage Octopus Amusement Facility for Sale

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The exterior design of the vintage octopus carnival ride is unique, and it adopts vintage elements, which can better show the vintage characteristics of the carnival octopus ride.  It is also suitable for tourists of all ages. Both children and adults can experience this facility. The vintage elements of the appearance of the equipment can make tourists feel the romantic atmosphere. The vintage atmosphere can enhance the experience of tourists. In a word, the vintage carnival octopus ride is an interesting and exciting ride that many tourists like. The octopus ride produced by Dinis is sold to various countries every year and has received unanimous praise. You can buy one for carnivals or other festivals.

5 Reasons to Buy Octopus Ride from Our Factory

  • With a sense of design: There are octopus and dragon shapes on the octopus ride, making it attractive. Recreational facilities with a sense of design are more attractive to tourists. Especially cartoon images will attract them more.
  • Large capacity: It has a large seating capacity and can accommodate thirty or forty people. A robot arm connects several seats, suitable for family or friends to play together.
  • Lights: There are colorful lights on the arms of the giant octopus amusement facility. As a decoration, these lights make the octopus ride look more unique. At night, the colorful lights will attract tourists even more.
  • Music: You can download and play any song you want. Playing different music in different festivals or carnivals will make tourists feel the festive atmosphere. When you run your business, music can aurally draw visitors to experience it. Especially children, will be attracted by music.
  • High-quality material: The equipment is made of high-quality fiberglass and steel, which is very durable and safe. So even if you use it outdoors for a long time, you don’t have to worry about it fading or being damaged.
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These several outstanding features of Dinis octopus carnival ride make it different from other amusement facilities, which has a strong attraction for tourists. You can buy an octopus ride for your amusement business.

We Can Provide You with a High Quality Octopus Ride at Factory Price

Different rides have different prices. Dinis octopus carnival ride is of high quality and at a reasonable price. Dinis is an amusement equipment manufacturer with thirty years of production and sale experience. The octopus rides and other amusement rides we produce are factory priced. So you don’t have to worry about the price being too high. Our amusement rides will be packed and shipped to you after production. So you don’t have to worry about paying extra. You can afford it. But if you buy octopus amusement facility from a middleman, you will pay more. You can buy a octopus ride for your amusement park or playground. We can also provide you with other high-quality amusement facilities. Contact us quickly.

octopus carnival rides

Octopus carnival ride can make tourists relax. The octopus shape and rich colors on its top are more attractive to tourists. Carnival vintage octopus ride is also one of our best-selling styles. Large capacity, high quality, and a sense of design are the characteristics of Dinis octopus ride. We promise that the price of the equipment is the factory price. So even if your budget is modest, you can still afford it. Dinis welcomes your purchase.

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