Where Is the Outdoor Xmas Wheel Used in California?

Our customer Elvin, who lives in California, sent inquiry to us in January, 2023. He was preparing for 2023 Christmas so he considered installing a large Christmas Ferris wheel in the square, just like the Times Square Ferris Wheel. But this was just a preliminary idea. He had not yet decided what capacity, size and style of an outdoor Christmas Ferris wheel in California to buy. After three months of communication between Elvin and our sales team, finally he chose a 20-meter outdoor Ferris wheel.

How Much Does a Ferris Wheel Cost?

For any investor interested in Ferris wheel for sale, the Ferris wheel for sale price must be their most concerned. So does Elvin. He asked us how much is a Ferris wheel in US.

Factors affecting a Ferris wheel cost

As you know, a park Ferris wheel attraction is a big project. Its price depends on several factors such as capacity, height, design, material, additional custom requirements, etc. In general, the price of Ferris whee is higher than a octopus amusement ride. But if your budget is limited, you can consider a mini Ferris wheel kiddie ride, which is also fit for indoor entertainment parks.

Indoor Use Mini Ferris Wheel for Kiddies

What makes Elvin choose a 20-meter outdoor Xmas Ferris wheel?

20 Meters Ferris Wheel from Dinis Manufacturer

According to Elvin’s condition, we recommended him big Ferris wheel over 20 meters. Because he planned to install a large outdoor Christmas Ferris wheel in California square. We sent him a product catalog with price list. Elvin then asked us for a 20-meter and a 30-meter Christmas Ferris wheel. He wanted us to give some advice. After knowing the condition of the square and its surrounding, we recommend him a 20-meter Ferris wheel. It has 12 cabins, each of which can carry 4 passengers. This capacity is fit for the foot traffic of the square. Besides, this size wheel ride occupies an area of 17 meters in length and 14 meters in width. Therefore, it is more suitable for the square than a 30-meter one.

Christmas Ferris wheel at discount price in California

Elvin agreed with our advice. So he paid his attention to the 20-meter Ferris wheel for sale. But the quote for this wheel ride was beyond his budget so he asked us whether it’s possible to give him a discount. It happened that our company was holding an event at that time. Additionally, due to the smooth communication between us, we gave Elvin a big discount on the Christmas Ferris wheel for sale. We also promised to send him more accessories such as LED lights. And Elvin was happy with the final price and our service.

Outdoor Christmas Ferris Wheel in California with LED Lights

Which Design of Ferris Wheel Did Elvin Choose for Christmas?

As a Ferris wheel manufacturer, our big Ferris wheels are available in different heights between 20m and 88m. Furthermore, we produce different types of Ferris wheel to meet the market. A traditional Ferris wheel with enclosed cabins and a modern Ferris wheel with half-closed basket cabins, which one do you prefer? For Elvin, he chose a modern square Ferris wheel with beautiful flower basket cabins.

Taking the local temporary into consideration, Elvin chose an outdoor Christmas Ferris wheel with basket gondolas for the square in California. If you live in a place where it rains all year round, we recommend traditional Ferris wheel rides with enclosed cabins.

Additional Custom Requirements for Elvin’s Outdoor Ferris Wheel Attraction

After Elvin decided which type of Ferris wheel to buy, he asked if we could change the color of the giant wheel. The answer was certainly yes! As a Ferris wheel manufacturer, we offer customized service. Changing colors and adding logos are free for our customers. Additional custom requirements, such as customizing decorations are also available to us. So feel free to let us know your needs.

As for Elvin’s Merry Christmas Ferris wheel, he wanted the wheel ride to match the Christmas theme. So we gave him several color schemes. After communication, Elvin wanted a fair Ferris wheel with a light color. So we painted his wheel into white, rose pink, light green, pale yellow, baby blue and lilac.

Finally, we delivered Elvin’s outdoor Christmas Ferris wheel in California on time. And he completed the installation and testing of the Ferris wheel before Christmas. On Christmas Day 2023, Elvin’s Xmas Ferris wheel was successfully put into operation. And this amusement equipment is popular with both local residents and tourists. It makes Elvin to buy other amusement rides from us, including antique train rides for park and Christmas horse carousel.

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