Dinis produces a lot of fair pirate ship rides and various other amusement equipment (electric trackless train ride, carousel, battery bumper car, etc.). The pirate ship fair ride for sale in our factory has different capacities. And we also manufacture mobile fair swing boat ride. We can also customize the capacity, theme or other decorations of the pirate ship for you. Welcome your inquiry and purchase.

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Large or Small Fair Pirate Ship Ride, which One do You Prefer?

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We manufacture large and small fair pirate ship rides. Large boat fair ride has 24 seats, 38 seats and 40 seats. The height of giant pirate ship fair ride for sale in Dinis is 10m or more. Its footprint is 14*7m or 18*9m. It is because of the larger size and capacity that the large pirate ship ride looks more spectacular and more attractive. Small fair boat carnival ride has an area of 6*5m. It has a height of 3m. And it can accommodate 8 to 12 passengers. So if your business place has a larger area, you can choose to buy a large fair boat ride. On the contrary, you can choose to buy our mini boat fair ride. In addition, you also need to consider which one your budget is enough to buy.

No matter the big or small fair pirate ship ride, there are fences around the equipment. A fence can keep your business from being disturbed. To a certain extent, the fence can also protect the safety of onlookers. So if you are buying pirate ship fair ride for your amusement park, contact us quickly.

Mobile Pirate Ship Fair Ride for Sale

In addition to the fixed boat fair ride on the ground, we also have mobile pirate ship fair ride for sale. It is very popular in various countries and regions. The portable fair swing boat ride is small in size. It can seat around 8-10 people. At the bottom of it is the trailer. So if your business place is not fixed, you can buy this one. With this mobile swing boat ride, you can run your mobile business more conveniently. You can use it wherever you want to run your business.

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Customized Boat Fair Ride for Sale

In addition to the existing pirate ship fair ride, we can also customize for you. Whether it is capacity, theme, or the color of LED lights, we can customize it for you. We have fair swing boat rides with small capacity and large capacity. So you can choose arbitrarily or let us customize the capacity for you. As for the themes of swing boat fair ride, we have jungle themes, pirate themes, ice and snow themes, etc. But if you want pirate ship fair ride with other themes, you can tell us, we can customize it for you. LED lights are an indispensable decoration for various amusement facilities. We can help you customize any color you want. In addition to these, if you have other needs, we will try our best to meet you. welcome your inquiry

What can Dinis Offer You?

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What should You Consider when Purchasing a Pirate Ship Fair Ride?

When you are shopping for a fair swing boat ride, you need to consider a variety of factors. Only in this way can you buy a pirate ship fair ride that is both attractive and can bring you huge profits.

  • First of all, you need to choose an experienced manufacturer. There are many manufacturers selling their fair pirate ship rides. You should choose carefully. Dinis has rich experience in producing and selling various carnival amusement rides. Our fair boat rides are uniquely designed and high quality. So you can buy our swing boat fair ride with confidence.

  • Second, you need to consider your budget. You can purchase a boat fair ride within your budget according to the area of your business place and your budget. The price of pirate ship fair ride for sale in our factory is highly competitive. The fair pirate ship ride we offer you has a reasonable price.

  • Third, you should pay attention to whether the fair swing boat ride has a unique design. Unique design can attract more tourists for you. In addition to the colorful fiberglass exterior, we can also customize the theme, color, and logo of the fair boat ride for you. These unique themes, colors and logos may bring you more profits.

  • Fourth, you need to pay attention to the safety measures of the fair swing boat ride. Our large boat ride has double protection measures, one is a seat belt and the other is a mechanical pressure bar. Our mini pirate ship also has strong and durable seat belts, you can buy with confidence.

In short, we have different sizes of fair boat rides for you to choose. You can purchase according to your budget and the area of the business place. We can also customize a mobile mini pirate ship ride for you. If your business location is not fixed, you can buy this mobile one, with which you can more easily change places to operate your business. And high quality and affordable price for pirate ship fair ride for sale in Dinis. Looking forward to cooperating with you.

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