Bumper car is a kind of self-controlled amusement equipment. Tourists can drive the bumper cars freely, move back and forth, turn left and right, collide and dodge. Sky net bumper car is a kind of bumper car. It is a popular ride especially for young adults and families. Sky net dodgem bumper car is very exciting and very interesting. It is suitable for various places, such as theme parks, playgrounds, shopping malls, children’s playgrounds. It can make people relax and release stress. Dinis manufactures high quality sky net luxury bumper car, parent-child ceiling net bumper car and custom ceiling grid bumper car. Sky net bumper car for sale in our factory is sold to countries all over the world every year and has been well received. You are welcome to visit and purchase.

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How Sky Net Electric Dodgem Car Works

The working principle of sky net bumper car is very simple. The ceiling and floor provide it with electricity. It actually forms a circuit by connecting the ceiling and the floor. A grid is embedded in the ceiling, and this grid is positive pole. The floor is covered with steel plates or metal strips as the negative pole. At the rear of each bumper car is a conductive rod that connects the floor to the ceiling. In this way, the ceiling net bumper car can work normally. Sky net bumper car for sale in Dinis is safe, beautiful and easy to move. Even if your business place is not fixed, you can easily move it.

Advantages of Sky Net Dashing Car

sky net electric dodging cars for sale
sky net bumper cars

First, the material of the ceiling grid bumper car is good. Its material is fiberglass, which is environmentally friendly, does not fade, is corrosion-resistant, and is also a good insulating material. The sky net electric bumper car must be connected to the floor and ceiling to form a circuit to operate. Therefore, the body of the sky net bumper car for sale in Dinis is made of fiberglass to prevent leakage of electricity from causing harm to tourists or staff.

Second, the usage time of sky net powered electric bumper car is free.It connects the ceiling and floor for operation. So it has no usage time limit. It does not need battery changes or recharging. So if you operate for a long time every day (you need to operate for eight hours or ten hours, or even longer), you can buy this sky net electric bumper car.

Third, the ceiling net bumper car has many functions. Both adults and children love it. It has advanced sound, lights and a timing function. While running, it can play music. At the same time, decorative lights will be more attractive to children. A bumper car can accommodate two people. Parents and children ride together or with friends. You only need to plan the operating rules for your business place and how long visitors can experience each time. You do not need to set the time manually, just set the time. But if you want to add some other functions, you can contact us. Dinis can meet your needs. We will add the decoration or function you want for you.

Sky Net Luxury Bumper Car for Sale

Sky net luxury bumper car has a unique and sophisticated exterior design. It has gorgeous lights. And the appearance of bright colors makes it look more luxurious. It is ideal for use in places such as amusement parks, theme parks, and entertainment centers. The luxury bumper car has richer colors and more patterns. So it is attractive and unique. Lights and sound create a unique atmosphere, it will be more attractive to tourists and small children. The steering wheel of the bumper car produced by Dinis also has a non-slip design, which will give you a better experience. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

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Parent-child Ceiling Grid Dodgem Car for Sale

Parent-child sky net bumper car is a bumper car specially designed for parents and children. Its exterior design is attractive. This bumper car has a variety of themes, including zebras, cars, seals, and small octopuses. The cartoon theme and bright colors and patterns are more attractive to little ones. Parent-child ceiling grid bumper car has two seats, allowing parents and children to experience together. Its main advantage is that it provides a fun family activity that brings family members closer together and promotes parent-child interaction. Parents and children participate together, enhancing the interaction between parents and children. Parent-child sky net bumper car for sale in Dinis has a high safety factor. It is primarily a parent-child facility, so it’s sure to be a hit with parents and kids alike. And you’ll also earn more.

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Custom Ceiling Net Dashing Car

If you want us to help you customize the sky net electric bumper car is also available. You can ask for the appearance, theme, size, function, safety and other aspects of the bumper car, and we will do our best to help you design and produce.

Theme: You can choose the color, pattern or theme of the bumper car according to your needs.

Size: Whether you need a larger one for adults or more tourists, or a smaller ceiling net electric bumper car for children to experience, we can customize it for you.

Function: You can choose to add LED lights to make visitors experience more exciting at night. You can also choose to add a sound system to play music while it is running.

Safety: You can choose to add some protective belts and guardrails to ensure that children are safer during the experience.

Sky net bumper car for sale in Dinis can meet your needs. Even if you have other special requirements, we will try our best to meet your needs.

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Sky net bumper car for sale in our company is suitable for tourists of all ages. At the same time, it also has high-strength safety protection devices, allowing tourists to have fun under safe conditions. Whether it is ceiling net luxury bumper car, or parent-child sky net bumper car, or custom sky net dodgem bumper car can meet your needs. Welcome to buy sky net bumper cars in our company.

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