Karting is a small sports car. So its structure is very simple. And it is easy to drive, safe and exciting. The size of the 2 seater go kart produced by Dinis is 2.16 *1.58 * 0.97m. Its weight is about 165kg. It can bear about 200kg. We have 2 seater gasoline and electric go kart carnival rides for adult. You can run your business indoors and outdoors. Our go cart is reasonable in price and has many advantages. So you don’t have to worry about high price, poor quality, single theme, etc. Go carts for sale in Dinis is your best choice.

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Petrol and Electric Go Kart for Sale

Electric Go Carts for Sale

Petrol Go Carts for Sale

The electric go-kart is powered by batteries. It does not use fuel and produces no emissions. So its biggest advantage is environmental protection and less noise. Daily maintenance is also very simple. 2 seater go carts for sale in Dinis adopts advanced technology. So electric two seater go kart has better performance and longer range. Our company’s electric Go-Cart is suitable for playgrounds, parks and other business places.

Petrol go kart for adults is a kart that uses a fuel engine. You need to change parts such as oil and filter regularly for go-karting. Only in this way can gasoline karting be more stable and safe during operation. The fuel karts produced by our company use high-quality materials and advanced technology. Similarly, it is the same as an electric kart and is suitable for various business places.

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petrol go carts

Where Can the Kart Track be Built?

  • Indoor Track

    The indoor track is smaller than the outdoor track. The indoor environment has less impact on your business. In inclement weather, you can still operate. Places suitable for building karting indoor tracks include shopping malls, indoor playgrounds, game halls, etc.

  • Outdoor Track

    Outdoor tracks usually have more space. And a roof needs to be built above the track to prevent rain and snow from damaging the track. However, due to weather restrictions, you may be closed during periods of heavy wind and snow. There are stadiums, playgrounds, parks, and large outdoor playgrounds suitable for building karting outdoor tracks.

karts indoor track
outdoor karting track

Go-kart tracks can be built in many indoor and outdoor venues. Indoor and outdoor business places have their own advantages and disadvantages. You need to consider the size of the venue and the impact of indoor and outdoor venues on your business. If you need us to help you plan, we can also provide you with karts suitable for your business place according to your track. Go carts for sale in Dinis can meet your needs.

Karting Price

karting price

The factors that affect the price of go carts for sale include the driving method, the manufacturer and so on. Electric karts are more expensive than gasoline karts. But when you run your business, it costs less to recharge your go-kart than it does to gas. The price of karts from different manufacturers will also vary. And the price of karts sold directly by manufacturers is lower than the price of karts bought from middlemen. Middlemen want to make the difference, so they will raise the price of the kart. If you want to save your budget, you can buy directly from the manufacturer. Dinis has decades of production and sales experience. We are a manufacturer. You don’t have to worry about quality and price. You can buy our karts according to your budget and business place.

Children Are Driving Kid Go Karts in Dinis Factory

Advantages of Go Carts for Sale in Dinis

  • First, the price of Dinis adult go cart is reasonable. Dinis is a manufacturer specializing in research, design, production and sale of amusement facilities. We are not middlemen. We have decades of production and sales experience. Our go-karts are sold all over the world every year. You can buy our go-kart with confidence.

  • Second, go karts in Dinis has high quality and high safety factor. You don’t have to worry about the quality of the go-kart.

  • Third, our karts have many themes and colors. A go-kart with a single color and theme can not attract tourists better. We can also help you customize go-kart with the theme and color you want.

  • Fourth, we have good after-sales service. Our kart warranty period is one year. We will also give you some accessories when we deliver the goods to you. If you have any problems during installation or use, you can contact us at any time.

What Should You Pay Attention to When Running the Go-Kart Business?

When running your business, the most important thing is the safety of tourists. The speed of go-karts can reach an average of 20-40 km/h. The life safety of tourists is crucial. So before tourists experience the go-kart, you should remind them of precautions and wear protective equipment.

  • First, tourists must fasten their seat belts. Failure to fasten the safety belt is the reason for the high frequency of go-kart accidents. Although tourists will not fall directly from the car when braking sharply, their head or body may directly hit the steering wheel. So fasten your seat belt is the first preparation for driving a go-kart. When tourists experience, you must remind them to fasten their seat belts.

  • Second, you should remind tourists to wear safety gear. Helmets are the most basic protective equipment in any competition. Helmets can protect tourists’ heads in case of accidents. It can avoid direct impact on the head of tourists.

  • Third, you should remind tourists not to collide with other people’s go-karts when experiencing go-karts. The go-kart is simple and easy to operate. Some tourists may collide with other go-karts after mastering the essentials of driving go-karts. Kart is not a bumper car. Safety is the most important thing in the experience of amusement facilities. So you must remind tourists not to collide with other go-karts when driving.

  • Fourth, you should remind tourists not to step on the brake and accelerator at the same time to avoid go-kart failure.

There are many other considerations.  The safety factor of go carts for sale in Dinis is high. From design and development to production and sale, every link is very strict. You can buy with confidence. If you are going to purchase go-karts, please contact us.

Go Karts in Dinis is suitable for people of all ages. Our karting is sold at home and abroad every year and is popular with tourists. The electric and petrol go kart for adults we produce meet the needs of young people at present. The two-seater go-kart can seat two people. Tourists can experience the fun of go cart with their friends or family. The price is reasonable and the advantages are the two main advantages of our kart. When you run your business, you should remind tourists to fasten their seat belts and take protective measures. Dinis welcomes your purchase.

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