Our carnival indoor Ferris wheel includes a diverse selection of indoor sky wheels designed to cater to different customer needs and preferences. Dinis observation wheel carnival rides are sold in various countries. One example is our indoor Ferris wheel for sale in America. Hilary is a customer from the United States. He wanted to buy two sky wheels, one big and one small, for his indoor business place. So we recommended him a 48-seater large Ferris wheel and a 12-seater small sky wheel. He was very satisfied. If you are also looking for indoor Ferris wheel for your business, you can contact us to know more.

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Small and Large Indoor Sky Wheels for Sale in America

The height of Hilary’s business place is about 30 meters. He wanted to buy mini sky wheel and large Ferris wheel. We recommended the 48-seater Ferris wheel to him. It is 20 meters high. It has 12 cabins, and each cabin can accommodate 4 passengers. And it occupies an area of 17*14m. In addition to this giant sky wheel, we also recommended him a small Ferris wheel with 12 seats. Its height is 6.5m. Its footprint is 6*4m. And it has 6 cabins, and each cabin can seat two people. After showing Hilary the pictures and videos of these two observation wheels, he was satisfied. He thought our carnival Ferris wheel was very suitable for his indoor business place.

Therefore, you can choose mini Ferris wheel and large observation wheel according to the height of your indoor business place. But if you don’t know which kind of business place is suitable for you, we can recommend for you. Welcome your inquiry.

Indoor Ferris Wheels with Different Themes for You

In addition to different capacities and sizes, our Ferris wheel has many themes. The  themes of indoor small Ferris wheel include smiley face theme, candy theme, vintage theme and so on. The smiley-themed indoor Ferris wheel has a big smiley face in the middle. The candy-themed indoor observation wheel is brightly colored. And it has a lot of lollipop decorations on it. The color of the indoor sky wheel of the vintage theme is vintage. Besides these models, we also have other themes and styles of indoor sky wheel. But these three are our best-selling devices. Hilary wanted a brightly colored mini indoor Ferris wheel for his business place. So we recommended him our best-selling candy-themed indoor small sky wheel. It fits exactly what Hilary needs. Therefore, you can tell us your needs, and we will recommend you a Ferris wheel that meets your needs.

We Provide Indoor Ferris Wheel Customization Service for You

In addition to the theme styles available for you to choose, we also provide you with customized services. The customizable content specifically includes color, theme, capacity, etc. Hilary has no customization needs. He only bought the two we recommended to him. We quickly produced both devices for him, tested them and shipped them. No matter what your needs are, Dinis indoor sky wheel can meet you. If you want an indoor Ferris wheel for Christmas or carnival activities or other events or festivals. We will recommend a suitable color or theme for you. Or you want us to customize capacity for you. We’ll find the right solution for you. Looking forward to operating with you.

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Indoor Ferris wheel for sale in America was a huge success. Whether it’s for entertainment centers, amusement parks, or shopping malls, our company provides high-quality indoor sky wheels that guarantee safety and durability. In addition to the existing styles, we can provide you with customized services. You can tell us your needs, we will try our best to meet you. If you want to buy other amusement facilities (such as train ride or merry go round, etc.), we can also recommend it for you for four years. Your purchase is welcome.

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