Dinis is a professional amusement ride manufacturer with more than 20 years of experience. Our customers are from all over the world. Italy is an important overseas market for us. Here are some of amusement rides for sale in Italy that are popular with the public for your reference.

Family Rides for Sale with a Wide Use

Family rides are suitable for people of all ages. Generally speaking, this is a good choice for small businesses or private use. So family rides are common in family entertainment centers, shopping malls, squares, backyards, etc. Here are five types of family rides for sale that are popular with Italians.

A merry go round for sale is a must-have at any entertainment center. This amusement attraction is a traditional ride and has been popular with the public since its debut. Actually, most of our Italian customers are interested in merry go round horses for sale. Our company has designed and produced different types of musical carousels for sale, including Christmas horse merry go round, ocean-themed carousel horse ride, vintage carousel horse for sale, zoo merry go round, royal carousel, etc. Besides, we design mini merry go round for kids, such as 3 horse carousel for sale and 6-seater mini carousel horse. Also we have life size carousel horse ride that are suitable for adults. So no matter what kind of fiberglass carousel horses for sale you need, we can meet your needs.

Tourist road train nowadays is common at public areas, such as amusement parks, carnivals, shopping malls, scenic spots, farms, pastures, parks, theme parks, etc. It  takes place of the traditional sightseeing vehicle, and serves as ferrying passengers from one place to another. Besides, with bright color and attractive design, a train amusement ride is popular with adults and children alike. Honestly speaking, train ride is one of our company’s major products. We produce both trackless train rides and train rides on track. And in the Italian market, the former one is more popular than the latter one.

Our trackless train for sale can be powered by rechargeable batteries and diesels. By comparison, a diesel trackless train has a greater power and better climbing ability than an electric trackless train. But an electric tourist train is environmentally-friendly and has little noise. So our electric trackless train rides for sale have a big market in Italy. By the way, our electric trackless train for sale usually can carry 16-70 people. And if needed, we accept customized service.

Ferris wheel is an iconic amusement attraction in park and amusement park. It is tall and gigantic. But a giant Ferris wheel maybe too tall and exciting for kids. So we design a type of Ferris wheel for kiddies, mini Ferris wheel. Italian small Ferris wheel rides for sale are well-received by local children and investors who have a small amusement ride business or portable business. Totally speaking, we have a single-side mini Ferris wheel for sale with a capacity of 10-12 people and a double-side mini wheel ride with a capacity of 20-24 people. And they are available in clock design, candy design, and so on. Welcome to contact us for a catalog.

Bumper car for sale is a hot-selling amusement ride in Italy. It is also a traditional and classic amusement attraction. Not only kids, but also adults can not resist the charm of collision of dodgem rides. More importantly, passengers don’t have to worry about their safety when riding because they will be fastened on their seats by safety belts. By the way, the anti-collision rubber tire will cushion the impact. To give players from Italy more choices, we have designed and produced different types of dodgems rides, including battery bumper cars for mobile business, skynet electric dodging car for adults, ground electric bumper car for park, inflatable bumper car for ice, etc. Contact us and let us know what type of dashing car you want!

Go cart is a kind of sport car that is suitable for adults to drive. By comparison with a bumper car, it is exciting because of the fast speed and chase between cars. So adults prefer to release their pressure and enjoy the moment in the go cart track. In addition to go carts for adults, we also have go carts for kiddie. Do you want it? Contact us! As for the go kart track, it can be installed outdoors or indoors. So don’t worry about the installation site. Furthermore, we can also design the track for you if needed.

Italian Thrill Rides for Sale –Thrill Your Heart

In addition to family-friendly amusement attractions, our thrill rides for sale, such as tagada, trabant ride, top spin, miami ride, disc o ride, etc., also have a big market in Italy. In general, outdoor hard ground of a park, square is the best choice to fix an adrenaline ride. But if the indoor storey height is proper, our adrenaline rush rides also can be installed. So please let us know your site condition so that we can give you advice.

In addition to the above rides for sale for Italy, our spinning carnival rides are also well-received by Italian investors and players. Want to know more about Italian rides for sale? Feel free to contact us!

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