The Ferris wheel is also known as observation wheel, giant wheel, carousel wheel or sky wheel. The carnival sky wheel can attract a large number of tourists at carnivals and other various events or amusement parks. It allows passengers to see distant scenery. The main parts of carnival Ferris wheel for sale in Dinis are made of fiberglass and stainless steel. Therefore, Ferris wheel carnival ride has high quality, simple daily maintenance, and environmental protection. Dinis manufactures children’s carnival Ferris wheels, double sided carnival Ferris wheels, carnival Ferris wheels of all sizes, new and vintage carnival Ferris wheels. You can run your business anywhere you want, such as theme parks, amusement parks, carnivals, and shopping malls, etc. We believe our products will satisfy you.

Ferris Wheel Carnival Ride Designed for Children for Sale

Carnival riding kids Ferris wheel is fun for kids. You can buy it for school carnival, children’s carnival party, or any other carnival event. Children carnival Ferris wheels can take 10 or 12 children. The colorful Ferris wheel for children is decorated with LED lights and music. So its appearance is incredibly beautiful and attractive, which can make children happier in carnival activities. Depending on the number of passengers or different decorations, the price of the carnival Ferris wheel for kids is different.

ferris wheel carnival ride for kids
carnival ferris wheel for children

Double Side Carnival Ferris Wheel for Sale

The children’s Ferris wheel is designed to have seats on both sides, which becomes a double side Ferris wheel. Compared with the one-sided children’s carnival Ferris wheel, it can carry more people. During children’s carnival activities, more children can experience the fun. You can buy it for various indoor and outdoor amusement parks, gardens, plazas or other places. It occupies a small area, has a novel design, a unique structure, and a large carrying capacity. What’s more, with a variety of themes or patterns, it can attract children to ride. The price of a double side Ferris wheel is higher than that of a one side Ferris wheel because of the different number of seats and the high cost. You can buy the right carnival Ferris wheel according to your budget. Dinis is a better choice.

double side ferris wheel

Carnival Ferris Wheels of Different Sizes for Sale

Large Ferris Wheel for a Carnival

Small Carnival Ferris Wheel

The Giant observation wheel has a height of 20 meters to 65 meters, a cabin of 12 to 36, and the number of passengers that can be taken is 48 to 216. Big carnival Ferris wheel is suitable for large outdoor playgrounds and theme parks. Especially at night, the brilliant lights of the carnival fun fair Ferris wheel attract tourists. Carnival Ferris wheel for sale in Dinis has different heights, different capacities, and different prices. You can buy the right model according to your venue. Also, we can meet all your needs. We can also help you customize the height. Welcome to visit our company and factory, we will provide you with observation wheel and other amusement facilities that satisfy you.

The mini carnival Ferris wheel is a beautiful and attractive ride. But it has a small capacity and can only accommodate about 20 people, which is suitable for use in small venues. The size is small and it can hold fewer people, so the price is lower than that of the big carnival carousel wheel. It runs at a slow speed, which will make visitors feel comfortable and relaxed. It will be more popular when the lights are turned on during carnival or night. The small Ferris wheel is suitable for indoors or outdoors. It is suitable for children’s theme parks and children’s playgrounds and for shopping centers, plazas and other amusement parks. In short, the small Ferris wheel is a carnival entertainment worth investing in.

large carnival observation wheel for sale
double side observation wheel for sale

Do You Prefer Vintage Carnival Carousel Wheel or New Sky Wheel Carnival Ride?

Vintage Carnival Fun Fair Ferris Wheel for Sale

Vintage carnival Ferris wheel for sale in Dinis has a unique design style. It can make visitors feel a sense of going back decades or a hundred years ago. This unique design style attracts more tourists to experience it. If the theme of the amusement park or scenic spot is related to history or culture, then the vintage Ferris wheel carnival ride will better integrate into the scenic spot environment, enhance the cultural atmosphere of the scenic spot, and allow tourists to better experience the local history and culture. The vintage carnival Ferris wheel is more unique in design. It can bring tourists a better visual experience, improve tourist satisfaction, and attract more tourists to visit and play.

carnival ferris wheel

New Sky Wheel at Carnival for Sale

As a popular ride, the carnival wheel has undergone improvements over the years. The new style of carnival Ferris wheel adopts a stronger structure and more precise control system, which improves the safety of passengers while riding. The seats are more comfortable, providing tourists with a better riding experience. The material is more environmentally friendly and can reduce environmental pollution. It is also more interesting, with various lights and music attracting more tourists to come and experience it, and it is more competitive in the market. You can purchase the right new carnival Ferris wheel according to your venue theme and style.

carnival observation wheel

Where Can You Run Your Business?

The carnival Ferris wheel is a popular amusement ride in various entertainment venues such as theme parks, amusement parks, carnivals, and shopping malls.

  • Theme parks and amusement parks: The carnival Ferris wheel is one of the iconic attractions of many theme parks, such as Disneyland and Universal Studios. Amusement parks are very popular with children and young people, so the carnival Ferris wheel is an indispensable part of the playground.

  • Carnivals: Carnivals are usually held in parks, squares, open-air markets, etc., and the carnival carousel wheel is one of the most popular rides.

  • Shopping malls: A carnival Ferris wheel in a shopping mall can attract customers, especially small children.

In short, the carnival Ferris wheel are everywhere in a variety of entertainment venues, whether it is indoors or outdoors, whether it is urban or rural,we can find it. If you want to buy a carnival Ferris wheel, you can choose commercial carnival Ferris wheel for sale in Dinis. We will provide you with the best quality facilities.

carnival ferris wheel

Don’t worry about the quality of the carousel wheel. Carnival Ferris wheel for sale in Dinis is of high quality. We use high-quality materials and advanced technology to manufacture amusement rides. High quality and safety are the most important. We produce high-quality children’s carousel wheels, double-sided carousel wheels, different sizes of Ferris wheels and various styles of carnival observation wheels. According to your place of business, we can also recommend the carnival observation wheel and other amusement facilities for you. If you contact us now, you can buy high quality Ferris wheel at reasonable price. And your investment can get a higher return in a short period of time.

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