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Are you looking for children’s carousel? Our kiddie carousel for sale in Atlanta can be your reference. Cody runs his business at an amusement park. He owns a lot of carnival rides, large observation wheel and train ride etc. It is not only adults who go to the amusement park to relax and play, but also many children. Therefore, he wanted to buy some kiddie merry go round for children or parents to play with. We recommended the coin-operated carousel for kids and children’s ocean carousel horse ride to him. In addition to these carousel horse rides of existing styles, we also provide customized services. Therefore, if you have any special requirements, you can tell us. We will customize what you want.

Children’s Coin-Operated Carousel for Sale in Atlanta

The coin-operated merry go round for children works quite simply. The carousel consists of a rotating platform with seats or animal-shaped figures mounted on it. A coin-operated carousel ride works by inserting a coin into a slot, which activates the mechanism. Once the coin is inserted, the platform starts rotating, powered by an electric motor. Kids can choose their desired seat or figure and enjoy the spinning motion of the carousel until the ride duration ends. Each ride time is limited, you can set it yourself. Only the 3-seater and 6-seater carousel for sale for kids are coin-operated. Cody chose the 6-seater coin-operated merry go round. The reason is that more seats can accommodate more children.

Dinis Ocean Themed Kiddie Carousel Ride for Sale

16-seater ocean carousel for business
ocean themed merry go round foramusement park

In addition to the coin-operated 6 seats carousel horse rides, Cody also purchased a 16-seater ocean roundabout ride. Its footprint is 7m in diameter and 5.2m high. Therefore, whether you are running your business in an outdoor or indoor amusement park, it is the best choice. Ocean merry go round is different from the classic carrousel. Its seats are all features of sea animals. Its decorations and patterns are elements related to the ocean. Dinis ocean carousel for children can create an ocean atmosphere and give people an immersive feeling. So kids love our device. If you are looking for a carousel horse rides with a theme, you can contact us. Welcome your inquiry.

What can We Customize for You?

So what customized service do we have? For kiddie carousel, we can customize the theme, pattern, logo, color of LED lights and anti-rain curtain, etc. If you have other needs, you can also tell us, we will try our best to meet you.

  • Theme

    In addition to the kiddie ocean-themed carousel, we also have animal-themed, Christmas-themed and merry go round for carnival for children. If you need other themes or for other car festivals and events, we can customize them according to your needs.

  • Pattern and Logo

    We can help you customize the representative things in your area or your company’s logo on the carousel for kids.

  • Color of Lights

    We can customize the color of lights you want for you. You can also control the color change of lights according to your needs.

  • Anti-Rain Curtain

    Cody asked us to help him customize an anti-rain curtain on the ocean carousel. The anti-rain curtain can ensure that passengers have a good experience when it rains. Its material is PVC or cloth. You can choose the material yourself.

carnival carousel horse rides for sale

Kiddie carousel for sale in Atlanta was a success. If you also want to buy carousel kiddie ride for your playground, you can contact us. Whether it is coin-operated or merry go round with different themes, we can customize for you. Looking forward to cooperating with you.

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