Our carnival flying chair is a fun ride for visitors of all ages. It’s capable of spinning 360 degrees and bouncing up and down as it accelerates. The carnival swing ride for sale in Dinis is perfect for use in playgrounds and shopping malls. It can attract many tourists and customers to experience. It can increase the attractiveness of amusement parks and theme parks and bring additional income and profits to operators. There are carnival flying chairs for children, vintage chair swing carnival ride, portable carnival flying chairs and carnival flying chairs of different sizes for you. Our flying chairs are high quality and safe. You can buy with confidence.

flying chair carnival ride for sale

Kiddie Swing Carnival Ride for Sale

kids carnival flying chair
carnival kids swing ride

Children’s carnival flying chairs are a popular ride. It can make children happy. Carnival ride swing for children come in a variety of themes. We can design different themes according to different scenes and seasons, such as animals, flowers, fruits and so on. In addition, some children’s carnival swing ride for sale in Dinis are equipped with lights and music, which will attract more children to experience. The capacity of a children’s carnival swing chair ride depends on its size. The children’s swing carnival ride can take 12 or 16 people. We can also help you customize the flying chair size and number of seats. Children must fasten their seat belts to ensure safety while riding in the carnival swing ride.

Vintage Chair Swing Carnival Ride for Sale

Vintage carnival swing ride for sale in Dinis is an amusement equipment with beautiful shape and high-quality workmanship. The antique design and gorgeous decoration make it more artistic and historical and cultural charm. The seat of the flying chair is made of high-quality materials: fiberglass, with high comfort, good wear resistance and durability. The structure of the flying chair is stable, the operation is simple, safe and reliable. The antique-style carnival flying chairs manufactured by our factory have been widely used in various occasions such as amusement parks, theme parks, and public places. Its good reputation and high-quality manufacturing process make this product extremely popular and has been well received by customers. In conclusion, if you are looking for a high-quality antique carnival swing ride, the products made in our factory will be your best choice. We guarantee to provide you with high-quality products and perfect after-sales service.

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luxury vintage carnival swing ride

Portable Carnival Flying Chairs for Sale

Dinis manufactures portable swing carnival rides. It occupies a small area. Whether in the backyard, garden, village or other indoor and outdoor places, it is detachable and easy to move. We can help you customize flying portable chair carnival rides in many sizes, themes, and colors. Especially in various carnival activities or other activities, the portable swing chair carnival ride is easy to move. It can not only give tourists a good sense of experience, but also can be transported away in time after the carnival is over, without occupying any land, and can be reused.

Carnival Chair O Planes in Different Sizes for Sale

We produce swing carnival ride using high quality material, sturdy and durable. At the same time, comfortable seats will also give tourists a good experience. The carnival swing ride we produce are available in many different sizes, colors and designs to meet the needs of different customers. In addition, we can also customize the chain swing carnival ride for you according to your requirements to ensure that our products meet customer requirements.

Small Carnival Swing Ride for Sale

Giant Swing Carnival Ride for Sale

Mini carnival flying chair for sale in Dinis has 12 seats and 16 seats. The height is generally 4 meters to 5 meters. During operation, the diameter of the flying chair is 5 to 6 meters. It is suitable for small amusement parks, children’s playgrounds or other indoor and outdoor amusement parks. If it is indoors, you need to measure the height of the room before purchasing a suitable flying chair facility.

We produce Large carnival flying chair with 24 seats or 36 seats. The height of the equipment is about 4.5 meters to 7.5 meters. During operation, the diameter of the flying chair is between 7.5 and 9 meters. Big swing carnival ride is suitable for large playgrounds. If your indoor operation place is large enough and your budget is sufficient, you can also buy a big flying chair.

Safety is the Most Important

Chair swing carnival ride is exciting for tourists. But at the same time, safety is paramount. There are safety belts on the seat of the flying chair to ensure that passengers can be fixed on the seat during operation to avoid falling or sliding out of the seat. The staff should regularly check and maintain the flying chair rides. Check the seat belt for damage. If damaged, replace it in time. Before riding, the staff should remind tourists whether their height meets the riding standards. Prevent falling or injury due to short height. The staff should strictly abide by the operating specifications.  It is worth noting that even with seat belts, you need to remind visitors to follow the rules for riding the carnival swing ride chair. For example, use seat belts correctly, sit firmly, and do not move around to ensure their own safety.

swing ride carnival rides for sale

If you want to build an amusement park or other indoor and outdoor amusement park, you can purchase carnival swing ride for sale in Dinis. We manufacture kids flying chairs, vintage swing ride chair, portable and swinging carnival rides in various sizes. When running, you must pay attention to security considerations. The production of the carnival flying chair requires a comprehensive consideration of market demand, material quality and safety. We will ensure that the final product meets the customer’s needs and is of high quality and safety. Dinis provide customers with high-quality carnival flying chair products and considerate service, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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