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Animal carousel horse rides have animal shaped seats. There are wild animals and some other common animals instead of traditional horses. There are lions, tigers, birds, rabbits, donkeys and other animals. They are cute cartoon animals, especially attractive to young children. We produce animal carnival roundabout, coin-operated animal carousel and so on. We have carousel horses of all sizes, and we can definitely meet your needs. Our animal merry-go-round rides are high quality and affordable. It is suitable for people of all ages, especially for children and families. Animal merry-go-round is suitable for installation in amusement parks, theme parks, shopping malls, children’s playgrounds and other places. The animal carousel produced by Dinis can meet your special requirements. Even if you want to change some colors and decorations of the carousel, we can also customize it for you according to your requirements. Dinis welcomes your inquiry and purchase.

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Carnival Animal Carousel Horse Rides for Sale

Animal carnival carousel rides contains many kinds of animals. So it is suitable for installation in carnivals, carnival animal large parties, theme parks or amusement parks. Visitors can choose their favorite animal seat in merry go round at carnival or party. Animal carousels are usually equipped with music and lights to make tourists feel more fun while riding.

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Coin Operated Carousel Animal Rides for Sale

Coin-operated animal merry go round is generally an amusement facility designed for children. In general, small children animal merry go round with 3 seats and 6 seats can be designed as coin-operated. Just put in coins, and children can experience it for a while. Coins from every country are available. A coin is first adjusted to be a valid coin, and the coin can be used later. How many coins you put in each time depends on the consumption level in your area and your business place.

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Carnival and coin-operated animal carousel horse rides are the most popular carousels in our company. But if you have any ideas or requests, we will help you design animal carrousel rides that satisfy you.

Animal Carousel Horse Rides of All Sizes for Sale

We manufacture animal carousel horse rides in every size.

  • Small animal carousels have 3 and 6 seats. It has few seats and is suitable for children.

  • The medium-sized animal merry-go-round is available in 12 and 16 seats.

  • Large animal roundabout rides have 24, 30 and 36 seats.

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The larger the size, the higher the price. You can choose the appropriate size of animal carrousels according to your business site. If you do not know how to choose, you can tell us your venue size and your budget. We will give you advice. Dinis welcomes your purchase.

Advantages of Dinis Animal Carousels

What Affects the Price of An Animal Merry Go Round?

  • Size: The size of the Animal merry go round is also a major factor affecting price. The larger the size of the carousel, the higher the cost and the higher the price. The price of the animal carousel in small size is lower.

  • Design: If the design of some animal carousel horse rides is complicated or the manufacturing process is incredibly detailed, then its price will be more expensive. On the contrary, the price of some merry-go-round with uncomplicated design or simple manufacturing process is low.

  • Decoration: The price of animal merry go round with custom decoration pattern is higher than the price of fixed style animal carousel. Custom patterns take longer and cost more. So, we recommend you buy our existing styles. If you have a tight budget, you can also choose to customize some patterns.

  • Manufacturer: The manufacturer will ship the animal roundabout directly to the customer. The product price now is the ex-factory price. If you buy from an intermediary, you will spend more.

There are many factors that affect the price of animal merry go round. You can choose a suitable manufacturer to purchase animal carrousel according to your budget and business site. Dinis is your better choice.

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Where Can You Run Your Business?

You can operate in a variety of indoor and outdoor locations. Such as children’s playgrounds, theme parks, amusement parks, plazas, shopping malls, zoos, etc. If you are operating in an indoor location like a mall, you can purchase a small animal merry-go-round. For example, a coin-operated 3 or 6 seats small carousel. If the shopping mall has a lot of customers, you can also buy animal carousel horse rides with a height of 5m and 12 seats. If you are running a business in an outdoor playground or theme park, you can buy large or suitable animal carousel rides according to the number of tourists. It is also a good choice to place an animal carousel in the zoo, which will increase children’s interest in animals. You can buy the animal merry go round that suits you according to your budget and business place.

The animal carousel horse rides we produce are sold all over the world every year and are well received by customers and tourists. Animal carnival merry go round and coin-operated children’s animal carousel are two of the best sellers. There are also animal carrousels in various sizes and other styles for you to choose. You need to choose the right animal merry-go-round according to your budget and business place. Dinis is a professional manufacturer. We will provide you with satisfactory products and the best price. If in doubt, you can contact us.

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