Spinning carnival ride is a leisure amusement equipment for tourists to play and sightseeing. Common rotating carnival rides include carousel, flying chair, etc. We produce a lot of carnival rotating amusement equipment, which are loved by customers and tourists from all over the world. Walter is from Italy. He runs an amusement park. There are many amusement facilities in his amusement park, including big pendulum ride, water roller coaster and electric trackless train ride, etc. But he has no spinning carnival amusement facilities. Therefore, he wanted to buy some rotary amusement carnival rides. So we recommended him the three most popular carnival spinning rides, carousel, flying chair and coffee cup rides. He was very satisfied. Therefore, Dinis spinning carnival ride for sale in Italy was a success.

carnival flying squirrel rescue ride for business

Carousel Carnival Ride for Sale in Italy

carnival ocean merry go round for sale
animal carousel for sale for business

Our carnival carousel comes in many different sizes. You can choose merry go round with capacity of 16 seats, 24 seats and 36 seats. At the same time, we can also customize the capacity you want for you. There are LED lights and audio on the merry go round. At night, LED lights will make the carousel more attractive. You can also play your favorite songs or songs that match the festivals or activities while running your business. Walter bought the 24seats carnival roundabout rides. But if you are running a business for the first time, we recommend you to buy a 16-seater carousel horse ride. If you want to buy carnival mini carousel for toddlers, you can buy coin-operated 3 or 6 small merry go round. You can purchase the suitable carnival carousel ride according to your budget and plan.

Carnival Flying Chair for Sale in Italy

Flying swing ride belongs to both rotary rides and thrilling amusement equipment. We have 12-seater, 16-seater, 24-seater and 36-seater carnival swing rides for sale. Like carnival merry go round, we can customize capacity for you. Walter still bought a 24-seater. For his plan, 24seats flying chair ride is suitable for his amusement park. You can also buy according to your budget and the area of your business place.

flying chair ride for carnival

Do You Want to Buy Coffee Cup Rides for Carnival?

Coffee cup rides are also called tea cup rides. It belongs to family rotary rides. Generally, a coffee cup can accommodate 2 to 4 people. Walter bought a ride with 5 cups. It can seat about a dozen people. Our tea cup rides have many themes. So if you’re buying for kids, you can buy bee and flower themed cup rides. If your business place has a large number of tourists, you can buy large capacity coffee cup rides. Welcome your inquiry and purchase.

Dinis produces a variety of carnival rotating rides, including carousel, jumping kangaroo, Samba balloon ride, etc. Our spinning carnival ride for sale in Italy is a win-win deal. If you are also buying rotary rides for your park, you can contact us. We will recommend suitable spinning equipment for you. Also we provide you with other popular rides for sale for your business in Italy.  Looking forward to cooperating with you.

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