Pendulum rides come in three sizes, large, medium and small, and are all popular. Big pendulum ride is suitable for use in outdoor amusement parks. Allen is a customer from Australia. He wanted to purchase a large thrill ride for his playground. So we recommended the large pendulum ride to him. He was satisfied. The Big pendulum ride for sale in Australia was a huge success.

big pendulum ride in amusement park

What did Allen Knew about the Big Pendulum Ride?

Allen wanted to know the specific information of this big pendulum swing ride and the difference from the small pendulum ride.

  • First, the parameters of the big Frisbee pendulum ride are what interests him. It covers an area of about 13*10m. The overall height of the equipment is about 9.5m. It has a larger capacity and can accommodate about 24 passengers. Therefore, from the perspective of the large pendulum ride’s footprint, height and height required for operation, it is more suitable for installation and operation in outdoor places.

  • Then there is the difference between large pendulum ride and mini inverter amusement ride. Big pendulum ride is more thrilling. Especially when the pendulum ride rotates 360 degrees, the height is higher and the pendulum is more thrilling. Therefore, after learning about this, Allen decided to buy a big pendulum ride. If you also want to buy an thrilling large amusement ride, you can choose this large Frisbee pendulum amusement ride like Allen.

big pendulum ride for sale
big pendulum ride for sale in Australia

Amusement Park Big Pendulum Ride for Sale in Australia

Allen runs his own business at an amusement park. Many of the existing amusement facilities in the park are family rotary rides. These include flying squirrel rescue ride, tea cup ride and kangaroo jumping ride. In addition, there are some facilities that stimulate rotation, such as 36 seats flying chair ride and jumping machine. Therefore, he wanted to buy a new large and thrilling ride to attract more tourists for him. The Dinis big pendulum ride is just what Allen needed. Amusement park inverter rides will help him attract more tourists who like to experience thrill rides. If you also need it, please contact us quickly.

Allen Cared Most About: the Price of Big Pendulum Swing Ride

24 seats big pendulum ride for sale

The large pendulum ride in our factory is made of high quality FRP material shell and steel frame. Although high-quality materials are used, the price of our Big pendulum ride is not high. For customers, the most concerned is the price. The price of a pendulum ride is about $6,000.00 to $60,000.00. Big pendulum ride for sale in Australia at reasonable price. So after comparing prices, Allen chose us. If you want to buy big pendulum swing ride, you can contact us for a quotation as soon as possible.

Allen bought a pendulum swing ride at reasonable price that satisfied him. Sililarly, you can buy big inverter rides according to your budget and needs. And you can also tell us your needs, we will try our best to meet you. So if you have any questions, you can contact us anytime. Welcome to inquire and get a quotation.

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