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Flying squirrel rescue rides are family rotary rides. This type of amusement facility is for children. In order to let children have fun, we specially designed this facility as cartoon images. The design of the cartoon image is very attractive. And the steel frame and fiberglass material make it not only durable but also beautiful. This amusement ride has a novel design, large capacity and rich colors. It is suitable for various venues. Parents and children experiencing the flying squirrel rescue facility together will enhance parent-child interaction and enhance parent-child relationship. Flying squirrel rescue for sale in our factory is the factory price. You can buy one for your playground.

Why are Our Flying Squirrel Rescue Facilities so Popular Among Kids?

Flying squirrel rescue is an amusement equipment based on the prototype of cartoon animals vulture and squirrel. It is more popular with children.

  • Special top design: At the top of the device is a cartoon vulture image. Its hold a small cartoon squirrel.
  • Seats: Seats is also the image of squirrels. One seat can accommodate two people. An adult can experience it with a child.
  • Other design: The cockpit has a brightly colored ceiling above. There is a cactus fence around the equipment. And there are a few trees around it, which is very beautiful overall.
  • Lights: There are many colors of lights. The lights make the device more attractive at night.
  • Interactive: In addition to the novel shape, it is also interactive. Each cockpit is equipped with laser cannons, and sensors are installed in the vulture’s eggshells. If the eggshell is hit, the squirrel will rise into the air. Likewise, being hit by a bald eagle will cause the cockpit to drop to the ground. Therefore, flying squirrel rescue is a highly interactive ride.
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Therefore, if you are buying a ride for your park or playground designed for children or parents, you can buy our flying squirrel rescue rides. It not only allows children to have fun, but also strengthens parent-child interaction and communication.

How do We Manufacture You a Durable Flying Squirrel Rescue Carnival Rotary Rides?

Our flying squirrel rescue are well received by customers because of the high quality materials used. We mainly use steel frame and fiberglass. And both of these main materials have their own roles.

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Steel Frame

The steel frame is the main structure of the equipment. It is the skeleton supporting the entire facility. And it is usually made of high-strength steel. Steel can withstand high loads of weight and pressure, ensuring the stability and safety of the facility.


Flying squirrel rescue is a fiberglass ride. Fiberglass is a lightweight, high-strength, corrosion-resistant composite material. Therefore, fiberglass is widely used in amusement facilities, including slides, flying chairs, roller coasters, Ferris wheels, etc.

  • Make the equipment more durable: Fiberglass is strong and durable. So it can increase the life of amusement flying squirrel rescue ride. Therefore the structural strength makes equipment more durable and safe.
  • Corrosion resistance: Fiberglass has good corrosion resistance. Amusement facilities are inevitably exposed to rain and humidity. But if metal material is used, it is easy to corrode. Therefore, fiberglass enables you to use the amusement equipment for a long time in indoor and outdoor environments. Even if your area is rainy, you don’t have to worry about your flying squirrel rescue rides getting rusty.
  • Lightweight: Fiberglass is lighter than metal, which can reduce the weight of amusement facilities. Therefore, using fiberglass will make the flying squirrel rescue facilities easier to transport and install.
  • Make the rides more beautiful: Fiberglass can be made into various colors and textures. So it can make the amusement equipment more beautiful. At the same time, we can also customize it into various shapes according to your needs.
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Top 4 Reasons to Buy Our Flying Squirrel Rescue Amusement Rides?

Purchase Carnival Flying Squirrel Rescue Rides for Your Family Playground Business

Carnival flying squirrel rescue facility for family is a ride that is suitable for family fun. For little ones, they can explore and experience in a safe and fun environment. For adults, they can release stress. This play structure provides a play space for families. It allows parents and children to participate together, thereby strengthening the relationship between each other. This kind of parent-child interaction can also enhance children’s self-confidence and desire to explore. Family carnival rides flying squirrel rescue equipment is suitable for people of all ages to experience. It can enhance family cohesion, improve physical fitness, and at the same time allow people to temporarily withdraw from busy life, relax and enhance mental health. So we believe that after you buy this flying squirrel rescue amusement ride from Dinis, your park will be more popular and you will earn more.

As a Supplier, Why Can We Provide You Flying Squirrel Rescue Facility with Factory Price?

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Dinis is an experienced manufacturer. As a powerful manufacturer of amusement facilities, we have our own factory. In addition to producing family and children’s equipment such as flying squirrel rescue rides, we also produce other types of amusement facilities. These include exciting rides, rides for carnival, amusement park train and so on. So after we produce flying squirrel rescue facility, we will pack and ship to you directly. As for the price, the price of the amusement equipment we produce is the factory price. The flying squirrel rescue you buy from our factory will be shipped directly to you. You don’t have to pay extra. So if you want to save on budget, you can buy flying squirrel rescue from us.

Various amusement rides produced by Dinis are sold all over the world every year. Customers have given us good reviews of this equipment. Unique design and solid structure are its biggest features. Both adults and children love it. Reasonable prices and high-quality facilities are not only what you need, but also what we are pursuing. And your playground business will be a success if you purchase this flying squirrel rescue equipment from Dinis.

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