We have rich experience in production and sale carnival amusement equipment. Our products are well received by customers from all over the world. Marcy is a client from London. He wanted to buy a kid’s flying chair and a bigger chair swing ride for his playground. In the end, he bought the watermelon flying swing ride and 24 flying chairs that we recommended to him. In terms of price, he is also satisfied. So the chair swing ride for sale in London is a successful deal.

chair swing ride for sale in London

Our Children’s Flying Chair Ride for Sale in London

giraffe flying swing ride for sale
watermelon flying chair ride seats

Marcy wanted to buy a flying chair for kids for his business. The children’s flying chair is specially designed for children. So all cute and kids will love it. Therefore, we recommended fruit flying chair ride and animal swing carousel ride to Marcy. The capacity of these two devices is 12 or 16 seats. Marcy has no special needs. Therefore, he bought a 16-seater watermelon flying chair and a 12-seater giraffe flying chair. The diameter of the watermelon chain carousel ride is about 9m and the height is 5m. The diameter of the giraffe flying swing ride is about 6m and the height is 4.5m. If you have any special requirements for flying chair ride, we can also customize it for you, such as capacity or theme. Welcome your inquiry.

24 Seats Chair Swing Ride for Sale in London

In addition to the children’s swing carousel ride, Marcy also wanted to buy a slightly larger flying chair. We recommended 24 and 36 seats flying chairs to him. He chose a 24-seater luxury flying chair with a height of 8.5m. The footprint of this device is approximately 9m in diameter. He said it is suitable for his business place. Therefore, you should also purchase suitable flying chair rides according to your site. In addition, if your budget is not much, you should also choose the appropriate swing ride according to your budget.

24 seats flying chair
36 seats flying swing ride

Flying Chairs Price

Marcy also cared about the price. The price of Dinis amusement rides are reasonable. After he got the quotation, he thought the price of our flying chair rides are reasonable. So he chose to place an order. Our factory produces all kinds of amusement facilities. These include train ride, merry go round and other recreational facilities with different prices. In the same way, the price of flying chair rides also varies depending on the theme style and capacity. Like carnival swing ride or fruit swing ride, 16 seats, 24 seats or 36 seats flying chair rides have different prices. The price of a Dinis chair swing ride is generally between $5,800.00 and $30,000.00. You can buy according to your budget.

lotus flying chair

As a professional manufacturer, we produce high quality flying chair rides. So if you want to buy a swing carousel ride like Marcy, you can contact us. We will recommend a flying chair ride that suits you according to your budget and business place. Welcome your inquiry and purchase.

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