Dinis produces many carnival facilities. Among them our bumper cars are very popular. We have sky net bumper car, ground net bumper car and electric bumper car. The Inflatable bumper car is a kind of electric dodgem cars. It is a new type of dashing cars. Unlike other bumper dodgem cars, it has a clearly inflated tire. Its pneumatic tires consist of a car body and bumper strips. Because of this unique style, our inflatable dashing car is more peaceful when colliding with each other. Therefore, our inflatable bumper dodgem cars are very safe for tourists, especially for small kids. Inflatable bumper cars for sale in our company have stereos. Inflatable dashing car can bring different experiences to tourists of different ages. If you are buying bumper cars for your business, contact us quickly.

inflatable bumper car for sale for business

How Inflatable Bumper Car for sale Works?

battery inflatable dashing cars for business

Inflatable bumper cars for sale in Dinis are powered by batteries. It has an electric motor installed inside it. The motor converts electrical energy into mechanical energy to drive the bumper car. The bottom of the Inflatable bumper car is equipped with a set of wheels and suspension system. The wheels allow it to move on the ground, while the suspension system provides some shock absorption to reduce the impact on the occupants in the event of a collision.

electric inflatable dodgem car for sale

The control system of Inflatable dodgem car includes joystick, electronic control unit and so on. Passengers control the direction of the bumper car through the joystick, and the electronic control unit is responsible for receiving the instructions of the joystick and controlling the work of the motor to realize the acceleration, deceleration and steering of the vehicle.

inflatable dodgem cars for sale

When the passenger operates the joystick, the control system will receive the corresponding instruction, and realize the movement of the bumper car by controlling the work of the motor. Passengers can move forward, backward, turn or stop the bumper cars, and collide with other bumper cars. When a collision occurs, the external protective structure and suspension system can reduce the impact of the collision and protect the safety of the occupants. So, you can buy our inflatable bumper cars with confidence.

Do You Want to Buy Inflatable Bumper Cars with Music for Sale in Dinis?

Inflatable bumper cars for sale in our factory all have a self-contained sound system including speakers and music player. The sound system is capable of playing various types of music, adding music and fun to visitors. Through high-quality speakers, music can be broadcast throughout the play area, bringing passengers and onlookers a pleasant listening experience. And our inflatable bumper car rides also have a dedicated music console. You can take charge of the operation. You can adjust the music volume and playlist to make sure the music matches the vibe of your bumper car area. Kids and adults alike will have fun with bumper cars in this music-filled environment. So buy now for your amusement park. Your tourists will love our inflatable dashing cars.

What Can Our Inflatable Dodgem Cars Bring to Different Age Groups?

  • For children, they can ride inflatable dashing cars with family or friends and enjoy interacting with other children. This helps develop their coordination, balance and social skills.
  • For teens and adults, inflatable bumper dodgem cars provide a stimulating and fun form of entertainment. They can experience the thrill of speed and dash in a collision race or chase game. It’s also a way to release stress and relax.
battery powered inflatable dodgem cars for sale

Similar to go-karts, inflatable bumper cars for sale in our company are available in 1 seater and 2 seater. People of all ages are suitable for playing. Whether it is a single tourist, a group of friends or a family, they can all have a good time. If you are buying bumper cars for your amusement park, you can contact us. Our inflatable bumper car might be right for your business place.

Features of Inflatable Dashing Cars for sale in Our Factory

  • High Safety Factor

    In addition to seat belts, pneumatic tires will also ensure the safety of passengers to a certain extent. The pneumatic tires of Inflatable bumper cars for sale in Dinis are made of PVC material. Therefore, it has a certain cushioning effect, which can reduce the damage to passengers caused by collisions. Compared with traditional bumper cars, it has a smaller collision force and is safer for tourists.

  • Simple Operation

    Visitors only need to push the steering wheel or lever forward to make the bumper car go forward, and pull it back to make it go backward. Left and right steering is also achieved by turning the steering wheel or control lever. This intuitive operation mode enables users to quickly understand and master operating skills.

  • Wide Range of Applications

    In addition to driving on flat ground in various indoor and outdoor business places, our inflatable dodgem cars can also drive on smooth and flat ice. So if your business place is indoor or outdoor with icy surfaces, our inflatable dashing cars are suitable for you.

  • High Quality and Reasonable Price

    In the production process, we strictly demand every step to ensure that each inflatable dashing car meets high standards. After the production is completed, we also carry out strict inspection and testing. Therefore, the quality of our inflatable bumper cars is guaranteed. In terms of price, our inflatable dodgem cars are affordable. We believe that high-quality products do not necessarily require high prices, so we strive to balance the relationship between quality and price to meet the needs of every customer.

battery operated inflatable bumper cars
electric dashing car for business

Whether it’s at amusement parks, carnivals, parks or private parties, inflatable bumper cars for sale in Dinis offers fun and entertainment for visitors. Therefore, many children and parents love our inflatable bumper dodgem cars. Extremely high safety factor, simple operation, and a wide range of application sites are the reasons why it has become a hot selling amusement ride. Our inflatable dashing cars are economical rides with low investment and high returns. If you need customization, or if you have any questions, you can contact us. We look forward to cooperating with you.

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