battery operated trackless train amusement rides for sale

With the development of the economy, more and more people travel and play. So trackless train ride for tourist have played a big role. There trains can carry passengers in scenic spots or amusement parks. We are a professional manufacturer of amusement equipment. Our electric trackless train for sale in Chicago was a success. Kate runs an amusement park business in Chicago. She purchased our 40-seater electric trackless train ride for Christmas. Both she and her customers love this train ride.

Three Features of Electric Trackless Trains

The train ride we produce is divided into two types: track train ride and trackless train ride. Kate chose the trackless train ride. There are two main drive methods for train rides, one is battery drive and the other is diesel drive. With our recommendation, Kate purchased electric trackless train. This is because battery powered trackless train ride has many advantages.

  • Environmental friendly

    Trackless electric trains produce zero tailpipe emissions, making them much cleaner than diesel trains. They contribute to reducing air pollution. So the battery operated trackless train ride is more environmentally friendly.

  • Quiet

    Electric trackless trains are much quieter in operation. In contrast, the diesel engine of a diesel train ride makes noise, but not loudly. Diesel trackless trains are more powerful. So if your scenic spot has slopes, you need to buy a diesel train ride. It can easily run on slopes.

  • Flexible

    Compared with train ride with track, trackless train ride is more flexible. Kate wanted to use the battery operated train ride to carry passengers. It needs to drive back and forth in the amusement park. Therefore, she chose a trackless train. It is convenient for her and tourists.

40-seater large amusement electric trackless train
electric trackless train for amusement park

40-Seater Electric Trackless Train for Sale in Chicago

We have 24-seater, 40-seater, and 72-seater battery operated trackless train rides. You can choose the capacity you need. According to the usual number of tourists in her business place, Kate chose to buy a 40-seater electric trackless train. After receiving our train ride, she and her tourists are satisfied. You can also purchase trains based on the usual number of visitors according to your business place. But if you need electric trackless train ride with 30 seats, 50 seats or other capacity, we can also customize it for you. But the maximum capacity of our trackless train is 72 seats. Welcome your inquiry.

battery operated trackless train ride for business

What Theme of Battery Operated Trackless Train do You Want?

Dinis produces various rides for carnival or other various events. There are flying chair, merry go round and so on. Our electric trackless rides also have many themes, so that they can be applied to various activities. We have ocean themed, elephant themed, Thomas themed, British themed, Christmas electric trackless train rides. Kate bought this battery operated Christmas trackless train. In addition to these themes, we have many other themes for you to choose. But if you want us to customize the theme for you, we will try our best to meet you. Welcome your purchase.

We have rich experience in producing and selling train rides. In addition to the electric trackless train ride with existing themes and capacity, we can also customize what you want. Whether it is capacity, theme, color or other aspects you need us to customize for you, we can satisfy you. Look forward to cooperating with you.

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