Rainbow slide ride is a kind of amusement facility that has become popular in recent years. It is an extremely popular ride. It can not only bring players an exciting sliding experience, but also an effective way to relax. Rainbow slide rides have no season, temperature, and geographical restrictions. Before building, you only need to harden the ground by 10 cm (about 3.94 in) or lay wooden planks. The ground’s hardening is to make the ramp smoother and facilitate the rainbow slide’s construction. It is usually a rainbow-shaped slide built on a slope. Rainbow slide rides for sale in Dinis are made of safe and environmentally friendly materials. There are single slides and double slides for you. We can also customize the color, size and so on for you. We will do our best to meet your needs.

Parts of the Rainbow Slide Rides

  • Starting point: The starting point of rainbow slide is usually located on a certain slope. The slope is 9 to 16 degrees. Visitors need to be ready to start sliding here.

  • Slide track: The slide track of rainbow slide is the main part of slide. The length of the sliding track ranges from 100 to 300 meters (about 984.25 ft). We can customize the appropriate length of track for you according to the size of your business place. The distance between each sliding track is 0.5m or more. On the sliding track, tourists sit on colorful sliding pads and slide down. The sliding pad is 1m in diameter, which can protect tourists well.
rainbow slide
rainbow slide rides
  • Curves: The track of the rainbow slide usually has several curves. Several different slopes of the slide track will make the ride more enjoyable for tourists.

  • End point: The end point of the rainbow slide is where tourists stop. So a buffer zone can reduce the inertial impact of tourists. The buffer zone is a lawn, about 15 to 20 meters long.

Advantages of Rainbow Slide Rides

  • 1

    Materials: The main material of Rainbow slide rides is PE. This material is environmentally friendly, corrosion-resistant, and resistant to high and low temperatures (minus 30 degrees to 50 degrees above zero).

  • 2

    Design: The surface of the slide is designed with small particles, which can reduce friction and allow the sliding pad to fall naturally and smoothly.

  • 3

    Neat edges: There are no obvious sharp edges and corners on the surface of the slide. So the use safety is high.

  • 4

    Used for a long time: And the slid has a long service life, which can be used for more than 5 years.

  • 5

    Easy to install: It is easy to install and disassemble. And it can be recycled and reused.

Rainbow slide rides for sale in Dinis are high quality, affordable and last a long time. So the rainbow slide rides we produce are your best choice.

Video of Rainbow Slide in Mountain Area

Rainbow Single Slide and Double Slide Rides for Sale

Rainbow slide rides for sale in Dinis have single slide and double slide. Different slides have different widths, suitable for different sizes of places and different numbers of people.

Single Slide for Sale

The width of single slide is 2m, 2.2m and 2.4m. So single slide is suitable for one person experience. If your business place is small or your budget is small, you can build a single slide.

rainbow slide amusement ride

Double Slide for Sale

rainbow slideway

The width of the double slide is 3.3 meters, 3.5 meters, and 3.7 meters. So a double slide is suitable for two or more people to experience. It is also suitable for a family or a few friends to experience. It will be more exciting if multiple people slide down at the same time. Therefore, if the number of tourists is relatively large and the business place is relatively large, you can purchase a suitable double slide according to your budget. We can also customize a rainbow slide of suitable width according to your business place.

Customized Rainbow Slide Rides

First of all, your business place must have a slope. So if your business place has a natural slope, just use the natural slope. You just need to make a slight modification to the natural slope. But if your business place does not have a natural slope, you can hire workers to build one with steel frames. The second is the width of the rainbow slide and the shape of the splicing material. The splicing materials are generally hexagonal and wavy. You can buy rainbow slides in the width and shape you want. The length of your business place determines the length of the rainbow slide. Rainbow slide rides for sale in Dinis meet all your needs. Whether you have requirements for size, color or shape, we can help you customize it. Even if you have special needs, we can help you customize the rainbow slide rides you want.

Tips for Experiencing Rainbow Slide Rides

While you are running your business, staff must warn visitors before they experience the rainbow slide ride. In addition, signboards should be placed at the starting point and related areas to remind tourists. Here are some relevant tips that visitors need to know before experiencing it.

amusement rainbow slide ride for sale
  • 1

    First, wear the right clothes and shoes. Wear sneakers and avoid high heels or bare feet to avoid injuries or accidents.

  • 2

    Second, do not carry fragile and valuable items. When experiencing a rainbow slide, do not carry wallets, mobile phones, glasses and other fragile items and valuables to avoid accidental drop or damage.

  • 3

    Third, make sure you are in good physical health. You need to be in good health. But if you have heart disease, high blood pressure and other diseases, you should choose carefully whether to experience it.

  • 4

    Fourth, do not go against the road or stay on the slide to avoid congestion and accidents.

  • 5

    Fifth, pay attention to the slippery degree of the slide. Rainbow slides sometimes become slippery due to weather and other factors. You should pay extra attention when sliding and keep a safe posture to avoid falling.

  • 6

    Sixth, understand the rules and precautions. Please read the signs and prompts carefully to make sure you understand and know all the precautions.

Each Line Consisting of Double Dry Snow Raibow Slides

Even if these tips have been clearly displayed to tourists, you should remind tourists to read carefully or ask tourists whether they meet the above conditions before experiencing rainbow slide ride. It is your responsibility to inform. Rainbow slide rides for sale in our factory has other considerations, not only the above points. So if you need to buy or intend to buy it, please contact us.

To sum up, the colors of rainbow slide rides are rich and vibrant. It can be built in scenic spots, theme parks, farms, children’s playgrounds, water parks and theme parks. Players can sit on the sliding pad and slide on the slide to experience the fast sliding fun. Rainbow slide rides for sale in Dinis have been sold all over the world in recent years and are well received, such as railbow slide in Philippines We have single slide and double slide for you. The material and structure are safe and harmless. You can buy with confidence. We can also try our best to meet your special requirements and help you customize rainbow slide rides that meet your expectations. You are welcome to consult and purchase our rainbow slide rides at any time.

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