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Flying chair is an exciting ride in all major amusement parks. It is a kind of amusement equipment that rises and falls along a fixed inclined column and rotates at the same time. The device is controlled by a hydraulic program. Dinis large swing ride is 36 seats. A control cabinet can control its operating speed and other functions. The price of the 36 seats swing ride for sale in our factory is higher than that of the small and medium flying chairs. It is durable and colorful. But if you need, we can also help you customize a fence. The 36-seat flying chair is a large-scale equipment, which is suitable for building in large outdoor amusement parks or scenic spots. We will provide you with a 36-seater swing ride that satisfies you.

Details About 36 Seats Swing Ride for Sale

36 seats swing carousel for sale in Dinis is attractive to people. Its appearance has bright color and a variety of decorative patterns. Each seat is connected to a steel frame at the top by wire ropes. Visitors sit on the seats and continuously rotate and undulate with the operation of the chain carousel. The 36-seater swing ride is 9.1m high. Its seat spins at 9.7 revolutions per minute. Its operating speed can be adjusted on the control cabinet. There is also an emergency stop button on the control cabinet. This control cabinet is shipped to you together with the entire equipment of the flying chair. If your business place is in an open outdoor area and there are many tourists, you can buy our 36-seater swing carousel. Welcome your inquiry and purchase.

36 seats flying chair

36-Seater Chain Carousel Price

We manufacture flying chair equipment in several sizes. The small wave swinger has 12 or 16 seats. The medium-sized chain carousel has 24 seats. Giant swing ride has 36 seats. The price of a 36 seats flying chair is higher than that of a dozen seats and 24 seats. Because it takes longer to produce a 36-seat swing carousel. So it also costs more and the price is higher. A 36-seat flying chair can cost between $20,000 and $60,000. So if your budget is sufficient, you can consider buying 36 seats swing ride for sale in Dinis. In this way, more and more tourists will come to experience your business site. Therefore, you can also pay back your money in a short time, and you will earn more.

Advantages of 36 Seats Swing Ride for Sale in Dinis 

  • First, it is durable. The 36 seats swing ride for sale in Dinis uses a strong steel frame and fiberglass. So this makes the wave swinger anti-corrosion and high temperature resistant, safer and more durable, less prone to damage.

  • Second, lights and music. The exterior of this 36-seat chain carousel has many LED lights. So it will look more beautiful at night. It also has speakers. So you can download your favorite music or popular music. In operation, music plays as the seat turns. Therefore, the tourist experience will be better. People can feel the fun of 36 seater chain carousel more.

  • Third, the colors are bright and the patterns are lovely. So bright colors and attractive patterns can attract tourists to come and experience it.

  • Fourth, we can customize it for you. The patterns on the flying chair can be replaced with your local special food, animals or other landscape patterns. This will make the flying chair more in line with your local culture and customs. We can also provide you with other customized services. Welcome your inquiry.

luxury 36 seats carnival swing ride

Do You Want a Fence for 36 Seats Flying Chair?

There will be fences around many large, medium and small amusement equipment. 36 seats swing ride for sale in our factory is also has a fence. But additional charges apply if you require a fence. Adding amusement equipment to the flying chair can largely guarantee the safety of tourists. During the operation of the swing ride, if the tourists next to the equipment are relatively close, they may be in danger. Especially children with poor self-control. They may be near running equipment. Therefore, it is necessary to set up a protective fence around the wave swinger. The height of the fence is generally about 1.2m. When the flying chair is running, make sure that the flying chair is completely inside the fence. Only in this way can tourists be better protected. You can discuss with your partner whether you need a fence. Looking forward to your contact with us.

36 seats carousel rides
36 seater swing ride for sale

Where Can You Run Your Business?

As a long-standing and ever-popular ride, flying chairs are loved by people of all ages. 36 seats swing ride for sale in Dinis are suitable for amusement parks, theme parks, squares, scenic spots, carnivals, and even on mountains. These are large outdoor amusement parks or large outdoor venues. So there are many tourists in these places, which are suitable for installing such large-scale stimulating amusement equipment. The 36-seat swing ride covers a large area and is high in height. So it is suitable for installation in such large outdoor venues. It is more appropriate to run a flying chair business in the open outdoors. If your business place is outdoors and your business site is large, you can consider buying our 36-seat wave swinger.

36 seats swing ride for sale in Dinis has a beautiful shape and looks like a big umbrella. It is an attractive large-scale amusement facility in the playground. Every worker in our factory is experienced, and every production link of the flying chair is very strict. You don’t have to worry about the quality at all. Dinis flying chair is affordable, colorful and durable. It is suitable for installation in large outdoor venues. You can install a fence around it. Fences will keep your business out of the way and provide a degree of safety for visitors. If you are looking for a large thrill ride for your amusement park, you can buy our 36-seater flying chair. We will give you the best price and best service, welcome your purchase.

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