Dinis has rich experience in manufacturing and selling amusement rides. Our amusement rides are sold all over the world every year. Carry is a customer from Canada. She has a large backyard. So she wanted to run a business in her backyard. Therefore, she wanted to buy some rides for her backyard business. We recommended several rides for carnival for her backyard. Finally, the backyard carnival rides for sale in Canada was a success.

pendulum carnival ride for sale

Backyard Carnival Train Ride with Track for Sale in Canada

Carnival train rides are some of our best selling rides. So we recommended the carnival track train ride to Carry. Trackless train ride can run everywhere. So it is suitable for carrying passengers in amusement parks. The tracks of the track train ride are fixed on the ground. And the electric carnival train ride with track is easy to charge. With 6 to 7 hours per charge, the train ride can run for 7 to 8 hours. It can be recharged after the end of business each day. Normal business the next day will not be affected. So carnival train ride with track is more suitable for her business. Carry is satisfied. If you also want to buy a carnival train ride, we can recommend it for you according to your budget and your business place. Welcome your inquiry.

Why did Carry Choose Our Small Carnival Ferris Wheel?

We manufacture small, medium and huge carnival Ferris wheels. Carry wanted to buy a mini Ferris wheel for kids. So we recommended the carnival small sky wheel to her. The area size of this facility is 6*4m, and the height is 6.5m. Its capacity is about 10 to 12 passengers. So it fits her backyard. And it makes her backyard business more popular. We have observation wheels in different sizes. So you can buy according to your needs. And we will give you high quality carnival Ferris wheel ride and reasonable price. Welcome your purchase.

backyard carnival small ferris wheel ride for sale in Canada
mini ferris wheel for carnival

16 Seats Carnival Merry Go Round for Your Business

16 seats carnival carousel horse ride for sale
backyard carnival carousel for sale in Canada

In addition to the installation space for the carnival track train ride and carnival Ferris wheel, there is room in the backyard. Therefore, we recommended a 16-seater carousel ride to her. There are lots of themes of carousel ride. We have Christmas merry go round, carnival carousel ride, animal carousel horse ride and ocean themed carousel ride. She chose to buy 16 seats carnival carousel ride. But if your business place is in an amusement park, you can purchase a roundabout ride with a larger capacity. We can recommend a suitable carousel ride to you according to your business place. Looking forward to cooperating with you.

Dinis manufacture a wide range of carnival amusement rides. Our facilities include train rides, carousel rides, bumper cars, family rotary rides and more. Backyard carnival rides for sale in Canada is a successful example. So you just need to tell us your needs like Carry, and we will recommend suitable amusement rides for you. If you have custom needs, you can also tell us. We will customize it for you. Please contact us quickly.

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