There Are Different Sizes Of Pendulum Rides for You

Large and medium-sized amusement equipment looks more spectacular. Tourists will want to experience it. From the perspective of investment and income, big inversion fair ride is expensive and covers a large area, so the cost is high. But according to the survey, large and medium-sized equipment pay back faster and bring you more income. You can buy according to your budget and venue.

Carnival Pendulum Ride

Frisbee Ride Price

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Pendulum fair ride prices vary by size, model, and design. Big Frisbee rides are more expensive than small ones. Frisbee rides with different designs have different prices. If you have any special requirements for exterior design, the price of Frisbee ride will be high. You can choose the suitable inverter amusement ride according to your budget.

Don’t Worry about the Safety of Frisbee Ride

Big Pendulum Ride with LED lights in Residential Square

Safety is the most important. We should put safety first. First of all, the pendulum fair ride uses environmentally friendly materials, and the paint is non-toxic and will not endanger health. And its structure is reasonable and safe. Secondly, the seat part also has double safety measures. Dual safety measures of safety bar and seat belt can ensure the safety of tourists when riding. And tourists themselves also need to have safety awareness, choose the play items that suit them, and carefully participate in high-risk items. During the play, tourists must also strictly abide by the relevant operating procedures, such as not doing dangerous behaviors such as unfastening seat belt and taking selfies. In addition, there are a lot of tourists in scenic spots during holidays, and relevant measures must be taken to ensure the unimpeded flow of safe exits.

Pendulum fair ride running tips

There are a number of considerations when running a pendulum ride.
  • First of all, there is a height limit when riding the Frisbee amusement carnival attraction. Tourists between 1.4 and 1.9 meters can ride the pendulum ride.

  • Secondly, there are also health requirements. To ensure the safety of tourists, tourists must be in good health to take the pendulum fair ride. Tourists who have high blood pressure or have undergone surgery recently are not allowed to ride on this device. Pregnant women are also not allowed to ride on this device. Tourists cannot ride after drinking alcohol or taking drugs.

After meeting the above and other conditions, the precautions that tourists must know before taking the pendulum ride:
    • First, tourists must hold onto the armrests with both hands and lean back against the seat.
    • Second, don’t smoke or eat.
    • Third, do not stick your feet out of the facility.
    • Fourth, do not unbuckle the seat belt.
    • Fifth, after the pendulum ride ends, the seat belt can only be undone after the staff allows.
  • There are many other considerations. In addition to the problems that tourists themselves should pay attention to, operators or staff should pay attention to the maintenance and pre-operation inspection of the Frisbee ride.

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Different amusement equipment has different characteristics and attracts different groups of people. Contemporary people are under the pressure of study or work, and they will choose to go to the amusement park to relax during their rest time. Especially exciting projects, such as roller coaster, Frisbee ride and so on. The Frisbee ride produced by Dinis is in line with the current trend and is very popular among tourists. Different sizes of pendulum fair ride, carnival pendulum ride, or customized pendulum entertainment attraction rides can meet your needs. The equipment we produce has quality assurance and reasonable price. You only need to carefully maintain the equipment and conduct pre-operation inspections after purchasing the pendulum ride. At the same time, you also need to remind tourists whether they are eligible to ride. If you want to buy and customize inverter funfair ride, you can contact us. Dinis welcomes your purchase!

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