Bounce cloud is a new type of amusement ride. Its color is white. It is like pieces of clouds falling from the sky. Compared with other rides, bounce cloud is a kind of unpowered ride. It has a novel appearance and is highly interactive. Bounce cloud is the best parent-child amusement equipment. It is worth noting that visitors must take off their shoes to experience it. The bounce cloud for sale in Dinis has a strong and safe structure and high-quality materials. Dinis produces bounce clouds in different sizes, suitable for installation in indoor or outdoor amusement parks. If you have special requirements, we can also customize the bounce cloud amusement facility that meets your needs.

bounce cloud amusement ride

Advantages of Bounce Cloud Structure

Bounce cloud is different from ordinary inflatable trampoline in structural design. It is permanently fixed to the ground. So severe weather such as strong winds will not affect it. The Bounce cloud can withstand strong winds above level 4.

The bounce cloud amusement ride has a membrane structure. So it is soft, comfortable and full of elasticity. It is composed of outer film, inner film, air supply pipe, pressure relief pipe and so on. Including fan system, inner and outer membrane materials, automation system, air duct system and circuit system.

It adopt inflatable built-in unit air bag bounce amusement equipment, which can be permanently fixed on the ground. But it is convenient for disassemble and maintenance, and high safety factor.

The inside of the bounce cloud amusement ride is a fully enclosed space. After the fan is inflated, it does not need to continue to supply air. When the air pressure is insufficient, it will automatically inflate, which is very convenient.

In addition, the installation of bounce cloud ride does not have high requirements on the land. So it can be easily installed on hard or sandy land.

bounce cloud
Kid-friendly Bounce Cloud Outdoor Equipment

Material Advantages of Bounce Cloud

In addition to the advantages of structure and easy installation, its material also determines its corrosion resistance and simple daily maintenance.

The inflatable jumping cloud is white, so it is more in harmony with the surrounding landscape. Maybe you are wondering if it is easy to clean and maintain. Bounce cloud ride uses 1.0mm PVDF double-layer film. The outer film has the functions of abrasion resistance, UV resistance and self-cleaning. The inner film has good air tightness and the built-in fixed unit has strong anti-corrosion. The service life of PVDF membrane is generally 3 to 5 years. Even if it is outside for a long time, it is still as clean as new after washing. It is an ideal amusement facility for children to play and parent-child interaction. The material of bounce cloud for sale in Dinis is high quality material. So it has a high safety factor and its daily maintenance is simple. Therefore, The bounce cloud ride from our factory is your first choice.

There are Different Sizes of Bounce Cloud for You

Small Bounce Cloud

The size of Mini bounce cloud is 11.5*11.5*1.5m. It has a capacity of 40 passengers. So if your business place is small, or your budget is small, you can purchase small bounce cloud ride. It has a small footprint and can save you space. In the remaining space, you can buy other amusement facilities or plant flowers and plants to attract tourists.

Medium-Sized Bounce Cloud

Medium-sized bounce cloud size is 19*12.5*1.35m or 21*16.5*1.5m. It has a capacity of 75 or 100 passengers. So if your business place is large, you can purchase a medium-sized bounce cloud amusement ride. It has a larger capacity than small bounce cloud and can meet your needs. If your budget is big, you can purchase it. Around it you can build a sandy area where tourists can rest.

Big Bounce Cloud

Large bounce cloud amusement facility size is 33.5*25*2.2m. Its capacity is 160 passengers. Big bounce cloud is suitable for large venues, such as amusement parks or theme parks. So if you have sufficient budget to build a large amusement park or theme park, you may consider purchasing a large bounce cloud amusement ride. It will be more harmonious with your large amusement park and make your amusement park more spectacular.

bounce amusement ride

Therefore, bounce cloud for sale in Dinis can meet all your needs. We can provide you with the best solution and bounce cloud according to the size of your business place, your budget, and your construction plan. Dinis welcomes your consultation and purchase.

Where Can Bounce Cloud be Installed?

Where is the Dinis bounce cloud amusement ride suitable for? There is no limit to where it can be used. But bounce cloud for sale in our factory is suitable for ground without sharp objects.

Outdoor Place

Indoor Place

In fact, the bounce cloud is not only an amusement facility, but also a spectacular landscape from a distance. It is suitable for various environments, including scenic spots, parks, leisure farms, ecological parks, resorts, outdoor amusement parks, indoor amusement parks and other large indoor and outdoor places.

Bounce cloud ride is suitable for indoor venues. Building a bounce cloud in the indoor park will bring more tourists and benefits to the indoor park. Adding light projection to the surface of the bounce cloud ride will make it more beautiful. If you have sufficient budget or have any special requirements, we can also meet your needs.

Customized Bounce Cloud for Sale

bounce cloud ride

We can customize the size, color, shape and theme of the bounce cloud amusement facility for you. No matter what size bounce cloud you want or want rainbow bounce cloud, pink bounce cloud, pentagram bounce cloud, square bounce cloud or animal theme bounce cloud, we can design and produce for you. We can customize the bounce cloud amusement facility according to your needs to meet the characteristics and style of your scenic spot. We will provide you with a variety of design options, and fully communicate and confirm with you to ensure that the final bounce cloud ride meets your expectations and requirements.

If you want to make your scenic spot or park unique, you can buy the bounce cloud amusement ride produced by Dinis. The Bounce cloud for sale in Dinis comes in a variety of sizes and is suitable for both indoors and outdoors places. We also have customized service. No matter what special requirements you have, we will do our best to meet your needs. Looking forward to cooperating with you.

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