Carousel is a historic ride. It consists of a central column and many seats that rotate around the central column. In addition to the traditional merry-go-round, there are carousel merry go round with various themes. The Xmas carousel usually appears during Christmas or Christmas events. It usually has Xmas decorations, such as snowflakes, Santa Claus, Christmas trees and other patterns. Some Christmas merry-go-round will also be decorated with colorful lights, or play Christmas songs or music with a Christmas atmosphere. Dinis manufactures high quality Xtmas carousel horse rides in different sizes. Among them, vintage Christmas carousel is very popular. There are also various decorations on our carousel merry go round. In addition to Christmas decorations, there are also lights and music. The Xmas carousel we produce has many advantages and the price is reasonable. So Christmas carousel horse rides for sale in Dinis will be your best choice.

carnival vintage carousel for Xmas

High Quality Xmas Carousel in Varied Sizes for Sale

Mini Xmas Carousel for Sale

The small Christmas carousel has 3 seats and 6 seats. The slightly larger Xmas merry-go-round has 12 seats and 16 seats. So they are suitable for outdoor playgrounds and small indoor playgrounds. Putting some other amusement facilities around it will attract more children. Their parents can also experience Xmas roundabout rides together. So we believe this will bring you more tourists and you will earn more.

Christmas carousel

Christmas Large Carousel Rides for Sale

The large Xmas merry go round has about 24 to 36 seats. So it is suitable for large indoor or outdoor playgrounds with many tourists. It looks spectacular due to its large size, so it will first be visually appealing to children and adults. With other decorations, there will be more tourists to experience. Therefore, you will earn more in a short period of time.

Xmas carousel horse ride

Colorful Vintage Christmas Carousel Horse Rides in the Park for Sale

The vintage Xmas carrousel produced by our company has not only red, green and other colors, but also snow and Santa Claus patterns. Xmas carousel horse rides in Dinis is characterized by moisture resistance and corrosion resistance. It is beautiful and practical. It is suitable for various occasions. For example, shopping malls, amusement parks, Christmas, etc. In addition to adding the atmosphere of Christmas, it can also make people feel the fun of the classic merry-go-round. Our company’s vintage Christmas merry-go-round is a very valuable amusement facility with beautiful appearance, exquisite craftsmanship and complete functions. Our company’s antique amusement park carousel ride also has Longines theme. This merry-go-round looks simple and elegant and is extremely popular among customers. If you have any special needs, you can tell us. We will design and modify for you to customize your antique Christmas carousel rides.

vintage Christmas carousel

Beautiful Christmas Carousel Horse Rides with Lights and Music

carnival merry go round

Christmas carousel horse rides in Dinis has colorful LED lights and music. So it is more attractive to tourists. This Xmas carousel merry-go-round is made of high-quality materials: fiberglass. Therefore, it is not easily damaged. Merry-go-round with the theme of Christmas is combined with lights and music, making the whole merry-go-round look very gorgeous and full of festive atmosphere. The built-in stereo can play many classic Christmas songs. Christmas carousel rotates slowly and can bring joy to people. LED lights add atmosphere to the whole Christmas carousel. In addition to lights and music, the carousel also has many patterns with Christmas characteristics, such as Santa Claus, snowman, snowflake and other patterns. This Xmas carousel in our company is an essential facility for your Christmas and Christmas activities.

Advantages of Dinis Christmas Carousel Horse Rides

Dinis is a strong manufacturer of amusement rides. Our Christmas carousel hurdy-gurdy has unique advantages in innovation, quality, style and other aspects. So we believe that these advantages of our products will attract many customers for you.

  • Material Safety: The main material of our Christmas carousel horse is FRP. It is durable and not easily damaged. More importantly, FRP is an environmentally friendly material. So it does not harm the environment.

  • High safety factor: The manufacturing process of our Xmas merry-go-round is strict. They have undergone safety testing and run smoothly without any safety hazards.

  • Various themes: Our factory produces Christmas carousel horse rides with various themes, which can meet the different needs of different customers. You can purchase the most suitable Xmas carousel rides according to your budget and business venue. If you need some special themes or styles of carrousel, we can also customize it for you.

  • Easy to install: Our Christmas carousel rides are easy to install. We will provide you with detailed installation instructions. At the same time, we have good after-sales service. We will provide you with long-term technical support to ensure that Xmas carousel hurdy-gurdy can run smoothly for a long time.

Dinis Christmas Merry-Go-Round Price

The price of our company’s Christmas carousel horse rides is affected by many factors. Different sizes of carousel hurdy-gurdy cost differently. The larger the size, the higher the price. Different themes or styles of Xmas merry-go-round have different prices. If you need us to help you customize Christmas carrousel ride, then its price will be higher. Dinis is the manufacturer. We sell directly to customers after production. Therefore, the price of our rides is not as high as that sold by middlemen. You can consider buying our Christmas roundabout rides. We will give you the best price and best service.

Christmas carousel rides

Christmas carousel horse rides are one of the common rides on Christmas, often attracting families and children to experience. In addition to its entertainment function, the Xmas roundabout is also considered as an ornament that can add a festive atmosphere to Christmas. Our company manufactures Xmas merry-go-round in various sizes. There are children’s Christmas carousel specially produced for children, there are vintage Christmas carousel, and there are other styles of Xmas carousel rides. There are decorations such as colored lights and music on these carousels. Our Xmas carousel merry-go-round is easy to install and has many advantages. Xmas merry-go-round prices vary by size and by style or theme. So you can purchase our Christmas roundabout rides according to your budget and the size of your venue. If you need us to help you customize Christmas carrousel rides, we will provide you with a satisfactory solution. Dinis welcomes your purchase.

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