Boat carnival ride for sale in Dinis is a moderately exciting ride. Its main feature is that passengers swing back and forth within a limited swing angle. After the drive system is started, it swings slowly and gradually accelerates. This amusement ride is both fun and exciting, and is popular with tourists. Pirate ship carnival ride has strong carnival characteristics. In carnival activities, it will make tourists feel more experienced. We manufacture carnival pirate ship ride in various sizes. Different decorations will be more attractive to tourists. High quality, low price, safety, fast delivery and careful packaging. We have detailed installation instructions, and good after-sales service. Safety checks before operation and strict compliance with operating specifications are necessary. Dinis welcomes your purchase.

boat carnival ride with decoration

Carnival Boat Ride of Different Sizes for Sale

Carnival pirate ships are divided into large pirate ships and small pirate ships according to their size. Different styles of pirate ships have different names, colors and number of seats in Dinis. Carnival ride boat is very common in scenic spots, parks and large playgrounds.

Small Pirate Ship Carnival Ride

small boat carnival ride

The small swinging boat ride carnival is a smaller version of the big pirate carnival ride. It has a small capacity, with eight seats, ten seats, or a dozen seats. The fewer seats, the lower the price. The small pirate carnival ride has a small footprint and is suitable for installation in small places such as parks and small indoor playgrounds. Smaller carnival boat ride is cheaper. At the same time, we can design the appearance of the carnival swing boat into different colors and themes according to different operating places. The designs and themes of carnival boat ride are different and their prices are also different.

Big Boat Carnival Ride

large boat carnival ride

A large carnival ride boat has a large capacity. It has 24 seats, more than 30 seats, and 40 seats. The more seats, the higher the price of boat carnival ride for sale in Dinis. The Giant pirate carnival ride has a large footprint and a higher price. It is suitable for installation in large outdoor amusement parks. Similarly, we can help you customize the theme and color of the boat amusement ride according to your requirements.

Carnival Pirate Ship Ride With Decorations for Sale

In addition to the simple pirate ship style, boat carnival ride for sale in Dinis can also be designed into various themes. There are not only common pirate ship appearances, but also pirate carnival ride with themes such as dragon and ocean. In addition to various themes, the carnival boat ride is also decorated with lights. At night, the colorful lights on the pirate ship ride are turned on. The twinkling lights are even more attractive at night. If you want to add some other decorations to the exterior of the carnival swing boat, you can send us your requirements, and we can customize it for you. Different themes and decorations of boat carnival ride for sale in Dinis have different prices. You need to buy according to your budget, venue, and the atmosphere you want to create.

boat carnival ride wth decorations
small ice and snow themed pirate ship for sale

Advantages of Dinis Pirate Carnival Ride

After Purchasing the Boat Carnival Ride, We Can Provide You With:

  • Installation Notes

    After your purchase, we can provide you with installation and operating instructions for the pirate carnival ride. Not only instructions in text form, but also in the form of photos and videos. So you don’t have to worry about how to install and operate. And, if you need our technicians or engineers to help you install it is also possible. We will send staff to your country to help you install the machine for free. You only need to pay for the round-trip travel expenses of the staff, and provide accommodation and food for them.

  • After-Sales Service

    The warranty period is one year. But we will always provide you with technical support. Even after the warranty period, you can always contact us. We will provide you with 24 hours online service. Based on our rich experience, we will provide you with various consultations.

Double Safety Protection Device for Boat Carnival Ride

The double protection device of the Pirate ship carnival ride mainly includes seat belts and safety pressure bars, which can ensure the safety of tourists during the ride. The seat belt can fix the passenger’s waist and legs to ensure that the passenger will not accidentally slip out of the seat during the ride. And the seat belt can be adjusted in length according to people of different sizes. The safety bar is located in front of the seat. It can fix the upper body of tourists and ensure that tourists will not be thrown out due to inertia during the ride. The double protection design of these two safety devices can keep tourists stable and safe during the ride. Therefore, you must remind tourists that when taking the pirate ship ride for carnival, they must fasten the seat belt and the pressure bar correctly to ensure their own safety.

safe carnival boat ride
boat ride for carnival

Pirate ship ride can make people relax. Boat carnival ride for sale in Dinis is varied. Swinging boat ride carnival of different sizes can meet the needs of different venues. Different decorations and themes can meet your different needs. High quality and low price, fast shipping, which can get you to the facility as soon as possible. But you should pay attention to regularly check the equipment to troubleshoot. If you have any questions, you can contact us at any time.

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