Small carousel for sale is a relatively small-version of the classic life size carousel horse for sale. Compared with a large carousel ride, a small carousel is inexpensive and has a small footprint. So, it is the optimal choice for novice investors, small park owners, mall owners or other business people who have a limited venue. There are many ways to get a carousel ride for sale. While, choosing an appropriate merry go round ride needs much considerations, including selecting a company, carousel price, choosing a carousel style you like and fits the venue. Have you already had an idea of which type amusement carousel to buy? Here are the tips for your reference.

“Where Can I Buy a Carousel?”

Do you have an idea of buying a small carousel ride, but don’t know where to buy a merry go round amusement attraction? If so, you can consider the following avenues.

“Where can I buy a carousel horse?” Now do you have the answer to the question? In addition to the above avenues, there is also an avenue you can consider, that is what you are doing now. You are now browsing a website where you can find details on a small merry go round. And if the following passage interests you, welcome to send inquiry to us. We are DINIS carousel manufacturer.

4 Sizes of Small Carousel Ride for Sale

We have small carousel for sale in capacity of 3/6/12/16 people. Each capacity of the carousel kiddie ride has unique size and cost. You can choose an appropriate one based on your venue and budget.

3 Seats

6 seats

12 seats

16 seats

3 horse carousel kiddie ride for sale

A 3 horse carousel is a backyard carousel, featuring only three seats. It is a miniature version of the traditional amusement park merry go round, designed specifically for young children. With a slower, safer speed, the mini amusement ride is the optimal choice for young kids who are the first time to ride a carousel.

Moreover, this mini kiddie ride takes up a little space. The diameter of the device is 1.5 meters and its height is 2 meters. Therefore, a three horse carousel is suitable for almost any place, including shopping mall, park, carnival, restaurant, backyard, kindergarten, family entertainment center, and so on.

6-seater mini carousel for sale

A 6-seat carnival merry go round is also intended for use by children. But it can accommodate more children and has more luxury decorations than a 3 horse carousel for sale. So a 6-seater carousel should be a better choice than a 3-seater horse ride for commercial use. As for the technical parameter of this kiddie amusement ride, it is 3 meters in diameter, and 2 meters in height. Therefore, this size of small carousel for sale is also suitable for almost any indoor and outdoor play areas.

12-seat small carousel ride

A 12 seats park merry go round for sale is also a type of small carousel ride. It is designed to accommodate up to 12 riders at a time. Compared to the two mini carousel ride for sale with a capacity of 3/6 people, a 12-seater small carousel is a better bet for investors to make money. The equipment occupies an area of 6 meters in diameter and 5.2 meters in high.

So if you want to place it in indoor shopping mall, you’d better estimate the floor height. And if needed, we can reduce decorations on the top the carousel to suit for the height of your mall. Let us know your actual situation, so that we can give you the best solution.

16 horses amusement park carousel

This is the largest small carousel for sale at our company. It is 7 meters in diameter and 5.2 meters in high. In general, its overall size is larger than 12-seater carousels for sale. But at the same time, the entertainment equipment can accommodate more passengers at the same time up to 16 people. There is no doubt that this carnival carousel is the best choice if you prepare for a carnival, fair, or are about to add new attractions to small amusement parks or family entertainment center.

By the way, as you know, the seat of a classic carousel ride for sale is in a horse design. But it also comes in the shape of animals and insects, such as seahorses, clownfish, swans, deer, etc. And if needed, we can replace two horses with a vintage carriage. Moreover, our company offer customized service. The logo, color, design, capacity, etc., all are customizable. Example of the successful cases is the Longines custom carousel. We cooperated with Longines and designed a unique merry go round carousel for this brand. Are you interested in it? Contact us know!

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