Kids outdoor train ride for sale in our factory is popular. We manufacture amusement kiddie track train and trackless train for you. No matter the track train or the trackless train, there are two kinds of drives, battery and diesel. On capacity, we have two sizes for you. At the same time, we also support custom capacity, tracks, themes, etc. When you buy, you should choose a manufacturer with good after-sales service. Dinis is your best choice. Welcome your purchase.

kids outdoor track train for sale

We Have Outdoor Trackless and Track Train for Child for Your Business

Children’s outdoor trains from Dinis are available in both tracked and trackless train rides. Both tracked and trackless train rides are very popular rides for children. kids outdoor train ride for sale in our factory is a safe and fun ride. You can buy one for your outdoor business.

Outdoor Kids Train Ride with Track for Sale

ocean themed outdoor track train for kids

Outdoor track train ride for children consists of trains and tracks. The track of outdoor train ride with tracks is fixed on the ground. It operates according to a fixed driving trajectory. Generally speaking, its capacity is around 16 passengers. But we can also customize the capacity of the track train for you. If you want to buy an outdoor train ride for your business, you can choose to buy our track train for children.

Trackless Outdoor Kiddie Train Ride for Sale

Compared with track train, Outdoor kids trackless train ride has no tracks. So its price is cheaper than train ride with track. And precisely because the trackless children’s train has no tracks, its trajectory will be more flexible. If your business site is in an amusement park, you can buy our trackless train ride. The reason is that the route of the trackless train is more flexible and not limited to a small area. Kids get to see more of the scenery on the trackless train ride. So the children’s experience will be better. Therefore, if you buy children’s trackless train produced by Dinis, your business will be successful.

Which Kiddie Outdoor Train Ride would You Choose,

Electric or Diesel Train?

The children’s outdoor train ride we produce mainly has two driving modes. One is electric drive and the other is diesel drive. Which do you prefer?

Outdoor Battery Operated Trains for Toddlers

Electric outdoor kids train ride is popular. Battery powered trains typically take six to seven hours to fully charge. After fully charged, it can run for 8 to 10 hours. How long it can run depends on how often it runs. If you run infrequently during the day, the electric train ride may run longer. You can recharge the electric train at the end of the day. This will not delay your normal business the next day. What’s more, the electric children’s outdoor train is more environmentally friendly and will not pollute the environment. Therefore, based on the above points, you can rest assured to buy kids outdoor train ride for sale in Dinis.

clown themed electric trackless train ride
outdoor battery operated trackless train ride

Diesel Kids Outdoor Train Ride for sale

Compared with battery operated train, kiddie diesel outdoor train has higher power. Even if the ground has a slope or the track has a slope, it can easily carry passengers through. so. If your business site has a slope, or you want to buy a children’s outdoor train with customized tracks, you can choose us. We will recommend outdoor children’s trains that are suitable for you.

diesel train rides for sale
diesel children amusement train for your business

Large and Small Capacity Children Outdoor Train Ride for You

In order to meet the different needs of different customers, we have a variety of different capacities for you to choose. You can purchase the appropriate amusement train ride according to the size of your business place and the traffic flow of your business place.

electric ocean themed outdoor train ride for sale

Large Capacity Outdoor Children’s Train Ride

Large capacity outdoor amusement trains can generally take 35 to 70 passengers. If you are running your business in a large playground or scenic spot, you can choose a large capacity children’s train. Tourists generally bring their children. They will experience the amusement train ride with their children. At this time, large capacity outdoor train rides are more suitable.

Small Capacity Outdoor Train for Toddlers

Small capacity outdoor amusement trains can generally take a dozen to twenty passengers. If you are running a business in a park or a small amusement park, you can buy a small capacity kids outdoor train ride for sale in our factory. More than 20 seats can fully meet your business needs. Looking forward to your inquiry.

small amusement train for kids

We can Customize the Theme of the Outdoor Kiddie Train Ride for You

In addition to providing you with kiddie outdoor amusement trains with different capacities, we also support customizing the theme, color, and track of the train. Children generally like cute animal images or cartoon images, such as cartoon images like Thomas and mermaids, or animal images such as elephants and whales. Therefore, children’s outdoor train rides are generally cute animal themes or cartoon themes. And the colors of these themes can also be customized. If you buy train with track, we can also customize the shape of the track for you. If you have other needs, you can tell us. We will do our best to meet your needs. Look forward to cooperating with you.

outdoor train ride for toddlers
amusement kiddie outdoor train rides for sale

What Should You Pay Attention to When You Buying a Train Ride?

  • First of all, in order to save the budget, you should distinguish which are manufacturers and which are middlemen. The ones sold by middlemen are more expensive than the kids outdoor train ride for sale in the factory of manufacturer. So you can buy amusement outdoor train rides at factory prices at Dinis.
  • Second, whether there are customizable services. Customized outdoor amusement train will be more personalized. It will also help you attract more visitors and you will earn more. We support customization. We will provide you with solutions and train rides that satisfy you.
  • Third, how about the after-sales service. Good after-sales service is important to you. Even after the one-year warranty period, we will provide you with technical support all the time. You can buy with confidence.

children amusement park train rides

The amusement train for toddlers in Dinis is popular all over the world. We have train with track and trackless train, electric train and diesel train for you. You can choose the appropriate capacity according to your budget and business place. We can also customize the theme, track and capacity you want. Dinis will provide you with the best service and amusement park train ride. Welcome to buy kids outdoor train ride for sale in our factory.

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