Battery dodgem car is a popular amusement facility. We can often see it in indoor and outdoor amusement parks. The operation of the battery bumping car has no high requirements for the site, as long as the ground is hard and flat. The bumper car has two batteries, which can run for about 7 hours after being fully charged. If you are building a theme park or amusement park, you can buy the battery bumper car for sale in Dinis. Or if you want to run the bumper car business, you can buy Dinis battery dashing cars. We have several popular battery bumping cars. But the cost of battery bumper car is not high. You can run your business indoors and outdoors where you want to experience. We believe that the battery dodgem cars we provide to you can meet your needs.

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Top 3 Popular Battery Bumper Cars for Sale

The most common type of battery bumping cars in the amusement park has the most common style. It has one seat and two seats. The body is decorated with lights. So if it is open at night, it will give people a different feeling. But the most common battery dodgem cars have no special design and theme. So compared with the battery bumper car with a variety of themes and special designs, its price is not high.

Battery inflatable dodgem cars have round inflatable bodies. It is usually used in children’s playgrounds, indoor and outdoor playgrounds, etc. This bumper car can usually accommodate one or two people. We also have battery bumping cars specially designed for children. Inflatable battery dashing cars for kids come in a variety of themes and patterns to appeal to little ones. Battery bumper car for sale in Dinis is suitable for people of all ages to experience. If you have special needs, we can also customize for you.

These two battery dashing cars are large. Big battery dodgem cars are bigger and heavier. So they are suitable for use in large indoor or outdoor playgrounds. It is also relatively powerful. Compared with the traditional grid bumper car, the battery bumping car does not need to get power through the grid. It is easy to operate and has a higher safety factor. The large battery dashing car produced by Dinis is extremely popular. Looking forward to your purchase of our high-quality large battery bumper car.

Child battery powered bumper car has smaller size. So it covers a small area. It is specially designed for children. It has a round body. In addition, it is equipped with a special remote control, which allows you to control the kid’s batty bump car within a certain range. It is a small battery bumping car. A small battery bumper car for sale in our factory is suitable for younger players to experience. It is light in weight. Small dodgem cars are suitable for use in small playgrounds or indoor playgrounds. Although small, it comes in many colors and styles. The mini battery bumper cars produced by Dinis can meet the unique needs of different customers.

Working Principle and Charging Time of Battery Bumping Cars

Battery bumper car for sale in Dinis is powered by battery. There are two and four batteries for each dodgem car. The battery provides power when it is in use. The bumping car needs to be recharged after the end of business every day. It takes 6 to 7 hours to fully charge the battery. And it can run for 6 to 8 hours. How long it runs depends on factors such as frequency of use and battery capacity. If your business hours are long every day, we can also add batteries for you. Dinis has the best service. We will try our best to meet your requirements.

Advantages of Dinis Battery Dashing Car Material

The main material of the battery bumper car for sale in our factory is fiberglass. FRP has many advantages.

  • It has low density, is stronger than steel, and has good load-bearing performance.
  • And it is resistant to high temperature, low temperature, acid and alkali corrosion.
  • It has a smooth surface and is suitable for body manufacturing with complex structure and beautiful appearance.
  • Fiberglass reinforced plastic has good thermal insulation and is not easy to conduct heat.
  • The most important thing is the scratch resistance of glass fiber reinforced plastics, which can keep the dashing car beautiful.

Battery bumper car for sale in Dinis is of high quality and reasonable price. We have good after-sales service. If you have any questions, you can contact us.

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Prices of Dinis Battery Bumper Cars

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The factors that affect the price of the battery dodgem car include its size, theme and style. The larger the size of bumper cars battery operated, the higher the price is usually. Larger battery dashing cars need more materials and production time. So its cost is also higher. Battery bumping car has many themes, such as animals, cars, etc. The price varies with the theme. In addition, the price of the customized theme battery bumper car is higher. There are many different styles of Battery bumper car, such as double seat and single seat. Or some styles may need design and innovation, so the price of bumping car may also rise. In addition, some battery bumping car may have audio, LED lights, etc., and its prices will also be higher.

Where Can You Run Your Business With Our Battery-Operated Dodgem Rides?

Battery bumper car for sale in Dinis is suitable for both indoor and outdoor business. We have battery bumper car for amusement park, square bumper battery car, indoor battery bumper car and battery park bumper cars. Whether you want to run your business outdoors or indoors, Dinis can provide you with satisfactory battery dashing cars. Even if you have special needs, we can help you customize.

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Battery bumper car for sale in Dinis is popular with adults and children. Dinis has decades of experience in exporting entertainment carnival equipment. We can customize all kinds of amusement equipment according to your requirements and carry out overall design and planning for you according to your business place. Our battery bumping cars are your best choice. Welcome to purchase.

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