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Carnival frisbee ride is a kind of thrilling rides. It is common in amusement parks and playground. The facility mainly consists of a swinging large arm and four support columns. Passengers sit on seats in discs at the bottom of the arm. We have small and large pendulum carnival ride for you. The larger the size, the higher the price. So you can buy our frisbee ride according to your budget. Frisbee carnival ride for sale in Dinis has beautiful design and a high safety factor. So you can buy with confidence.

How does the Carnival Pendulum Ride Work?

The swing pattern of the frisbee amusement ride is similar to that of a pendulum. Its trajectory is also in the form of a pendulum swing. The pendulum ride has a disc under its arm. There are many seats on this disc. The disc is slowly turning as the arm performs a pendulum motion. It is driven by a motor. The ride begins as the arm swings back and forth, gradually gaining momentum. As the pendulum reaches its peak, passengers experience a thrilling sensation of weightlessness as they swing high into the air. Gravity then pulls the pendulum back down, reaching incredible speeds and generating powerful G-forces. This back-and-forth motion continues until the ride gradually slows down and comes to a stop, offering a thrilling adventure for thrill-seeking enthusiasts. You can buy for your amusement park.

giant pendulum ride for sale
carnival pendulum ride for amusement park

Carnival small or Giant Frisbee Ride, which do You Prefer?

Whether it is a big or small pendulum ride, we can customize the color or pattern or the color of the LED lights for you. You can purchase our carnival frisbee ride according to your budget and the size of your business place.

small frisbee carnival ride for sale
large frisbee carnival ride for amusement park

Features of Frisbee Carnival Ride for Sale in Dinis

  • 1

    Beautiful Design: Our carnival frisbee rides come in many colors. At the same time, they are also equipped with a lot of LED lights. At night, you turn on the lights. This device will attract more visitors for you.

  • 2

    Sturdy and Durable: The steel frame construction makes our frisbee ride sturdy. And the fiberglass shell makes it more durable and not easy to fade. Therefore, the Dinis carnival pendulum ride can be used for a longer period of time.

  • 3

    Wide Application: Our carnival frisbee ride is widely used in various parks and amusement parks.

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    Strong Interaction: Pendulum amusement carnival ride has many seats and can accommodate many passengers. So passengers can ride with friends or family members to experience the excitement and fun of the ride together.

It is because of these features that frisbee carnival ride for sale in our factory is popular. Therefore, many customers and tourists love our pendulum ride. So if you are buying a pendulum ride for carnival for your amusement park, you can contact us. Our frisbee ride will make you satisfied.

Are Carnival Pendulum Rides Safe?

Our frisbee ride for carnival has been strictly tested before leaving the factory to ensure that each pendulum amusement equipment is safe and reliable. Therefore, its safety factor is high, and you can buy it with confidence. The high safety factor is embodied in two aspects of structure and safety measures.

Structural Design

The construction of our carnival pendulum ride is sturdy. This is because our engineers carefully design and test the materials, including the frame, support structures, and seating arrangement, to ensure safety.

mechanical structure of pendulum ride

Safety Measures

Frisbee carnival ride for sale in our factory has double protection measures. Passengers are secured using seat belts and safety bars. These restraints are designed to keep riders firmly in place and prevent them from falling or being ejected from the ride during operation. Seat belts and safety bars are typically tested for strength, durability, and reliability. Therefore, you can buy with confidence.

seats of carnival frisbee ride

How much does a Thrilling Carnival Frisbee Ride Cost?

Many factors affect the price of frisbee carnival ride for sale in Dinis, the most important ones are size and customization.

  • Size and Capacity: The larger the size and capacity of the carnival pendulum fair ride, the more materials used. And the production time will be relatively long. Therefore, the larger the size and capacity, the higher its price. The price of our mini carnival pendulum ride is around $6,000.00 to $30,000.00. The price of our large frisbee carnival ride is around $10,500.00 to $69,500.00. You can buy according to your budget.

  • Customization: We provide you with customized services. If you need a pattern or theme that we can customize for you, the price of carnival frisbee may be higher. But the exact price is uncertain. So, if you need us to customize for you, please contact us quickly. We will estimate the price for you.

carnival frisbee ride with lights for sale

Our pendulum carnival ride is one of the best selling rides. It is widely used and popular. Contact us now if you are buying frisbee ride for your amusement park. We can recommend carnival pendulum rides that are within your budget. We can also customize the theme or pattern you want for you. Besides this equipment, we also produce many other popular rides, ferris wheels, flying chairs and so on. You can also contact us if you need. Looking forward to cooperating with you.

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