The merry-go-round, also known as a carousel ride. It is a classic amusement park carnival ride. So people of all ages love this amusement equipment.. It is a beautiful and attractive ride that brings joy to passengers. So, how a merry go round works? I will introduce its components and mechanics to you.

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Components of Merry Go Round

  • Platform: At the heart of the carousel is a large rotating platform. It is usually circular in shape.

  • Central Pole and Ceiling: A central pole supports the platform. This central pole extends from the ground to the ceiling. It acts as the merry-go-round’s main axis. And it provides stability and balance.

  • Decorations: The platform is adorned with intricately designed and colorful decorations. And the roundabout ride often featuring horses or other animals.

How a Merry Go Round Works

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  • The carousel is powered by a motor located under the platform. The motor is connected to a series of gears and pulleys, which help transfer the rotational energy to the platform. The motor is controlled by an operator who ensures the smooth and controlled operation of the merry go round.

  • One of the features of a carousel is the beautiful horses. They are attached to the platform. These horses are mounted on vertical poles. Each horse is mounted on a pole, which allows it to move up and down as the carousel rotates. The up-and-down motion is achieved by a mechanism called a crankshaft. The crankshaft is connected to the pole of each horse, and as the platform rotates, it causes the crankshaft to move in a circular motion. This, in turn, causes the horses to rise and fall, simulating a galloping motion. To enhance the experience, some carousels also feature other types of ride vehicles besides horses, such as chariots or carriages. These vehicles are fixed. They provide a smoother experience.

Safety Measures of Carousel

Safety is paramount when riding a merry go round. To ensure the riders’ safety, carousels have safety features such as handrails and safety belts or bars for securing riders in their seats. These measures help prevent accidents and keep riders securely in place during the ride.

Our Carousel can Bring Passengers:

  • 1

    As the merry go round begins to rotate, the music begins to play. The music adds to the overall atmosphere. The music creates a happy atmosphere for passengers and bystanders.

  • 2

    The carousel offers a delightful experience for people of all ages. Children and adults can enjoy the gentle up-and-down motion. It evokes a sense of nostalgia in adults. It reminding them of their childhood adventures, while providing new generations with a timeless and enchanting amusement park experience.

All in all, our merry go round can bring a delightful experience to your tourists. At the same time, it can bring you more income. We have animal carousel, carnival carousel, ocean carousel and Christmas carousel for you. Besides the merry go round of these themes, we can also customize the carousel for you. You can buy our merry go round according to your budget.

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