Bumper cars, a staple at amusement parks and fairs, are a source of endless fun for both children and adults. With the growing interest in interactive and experiential entertainment, bumper cars have become an increasingly popular investment for amusement business owners. Here’s a guide to know more about bumper cars for sale and how to start a bumper car business.

4 Major Types of Bumper Cars for Sale

By and large, there are four major types of dodgem rides in the market, including electric bumper cars for sale (ceiling-net dodgem, ground-grid dodging car)

Ceiling-grid bumper car is a type of electric bumper cars for adults. It is the traditional, classic amusement ride that is popular with the public, especially the old generations.

The biggest difference between an ground-new dodgem and a ceiling electric bumper car is that there is a conducting rod attached to the rear of the ceiling-grid dodgem. Due to the rod, the car can move freely in the bumper car track. In addition, the rod makes the car look cool. This is also the reason why investors choose this kind of bumper car for sale.

Ground grid bumper car is an upgrade version of a sky-grid bumper car. There is no need for an electric ceiling, but a special flooring that is made of steel plates and insulation strips. Conductive wheels that are equipped beneath the dodgem chassis make the car obtain electricity from the flooring. Then, players can drive the bumper car and have an experiential entertainment. Maybe are you worried whether the electric flooring is safe for riders? Well, don’t worry about that. It has a safety voltage of 48v. But regular maintenance should also not be ignored.

Classic battery operated bumper car is a type of dodgem ride. It comes in the shape of design. This dodgem is commonly seen in amusement parks, carnivals, shopping malls, and family entertainment centers.

It is the optimal bet for investors who want to start a fair business, carnival business or square business. Because these bumper cars for sale do not require electrical flooring. As long as the venue ground is plat, smooth, riders can drive the car. Therefore, it’s convenient to transport the cars from one place to another. Additionally, you can also consider buying a batter bumper car for your kids if there is enough space to drive the car in your property.

Inflatable bumper cars for sale also come to the category of battery bumper car. It is powered by rechargeable batteries. It differs from a classic battery-operated dodgem in terms of the appearance. As for an inflatable bumper car ride, it comes to the shape of UFO. Therefore, families with kiddies prefer this kind of bumper car for sale. Additionally, inflatable bumper cars are available to two types, one is ice bumper car, another is challenger bumper car. There are nuances between the two types.

Ceiling Electric Dodging Car

Ground Electric Dodgem

Shoe-type Battery Dshing Car

Inflatable Bumper Car

Ice Bumper Car VS Challenger Battery Bumper Car

Both the two types of inflatable dodgems are powered by batteries. But there is still difference between them.

“What’s Your Advice If I Want to Start a Bumper Car Business?”

Starting a bumper car business can be an exciting venture, but it requires careful planning and consideration. Here’s some major advice to help you get started:

“How to Choose Suitable Bumper Cars for My Business?”

After you decide where your bumper car business is, you can then decide which type of dodgem ride to buy.

  • If you want to start a long-term bumper car business in a permanent place like an amusement park or a shopping mall, then electric bumper cars are better. And in modern society, more and more investors prefer a ground-grid adult-size bumper car. Because its overall cost will be lower than the Skynet bumper car. Furthermore, it’s easier to install and it is easier to maintain later.
  • While if you prepare for temporary events, activities, such as carnivals, fairs, street shows, parties, then the cost-effective battery bumper cars for sale can be the good choice.

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