Tagada rides are also known as crazy disco tagada. It belongs to mechanical rotating amusement facilities, and it is a kind of amusement equipment that has become popular in the world in recent years. The exciting features make it very popular among tourists in amusement parks, scenic spots, squares, etc. It is easy to install and has a high safety factor. Dinis produces large and small tagada amusement rides. You can buy according to your budget and the size of your business place. But the larger the size, the higher the price. Factors that affect the price include the design of the tagada dance and the purchase channel. We will also provide you with good after-sales service and long-term technical support. You can contact us if you have any questions.

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How does tagada ride work?

Tagada rides have two types of movement, rotation and heave. The rotary motion of the turntable is realized by the motor connected with the reducer. The output shaft of the reducer is equipped with a pinion, and the pinion meshes with the large gear installed under the turntable to drive the entire turntable to rotate. The speed of the turntable is controlled by a speed regulating circuit composed of a frequency converter and peripheral components. The undulating movement of the turntable is that the two main cylinders respectively raise and lower the turntable rhythmically, and this is repeated. Tourists can relax while experiencing the disco tagda ride. If you are looking for a new type of thrill ride for your playground, you can buy the disco tagada from Dinis.

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amusement tagada for sale

Which Size Would You Choose, Big or Small Disco Tagada Rides?

tagada disco ride for sale
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Features of Dinis Disco Tagada Rides

  • Thrilling: Tagada ride is a rotating amusement device. It can bring tourists a strong sense of shaking. It can not only bring entertainment and excitement to passengers, but also allow them to experience the thrilling feeling.
  • High safety factor: Tagada disco ride is also a strictly designed and safety tested amusement equipment with high safety performance. It has a variety of safety measures, such as emergency stop buttons, guardrails, seat belts, etc., to ensure that passengers can be fully protected when using the equipment. It has also been tested for safety before leaving the factory, so you don’t have to worry about safety.
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What Affects the Price of Crazy Tagada rides?

  • Size: The larger the tagada dance is, the more material it consumes and the longer it takes to produce. So the bigger the size, the higher the price of the crazy tagada. Conversely, prices of small crazy tagadas are more affordable.
  • Design: The design of the Disco tagada also affects the price. More complex and unique designs generally take longer. Therefore the price will be higher.
  • Purchase Channel: If you buy amusement tagada ride and other rides from middlemen, the price will be high. You will definitely pay something extra. So if you want to save money, you can buy from the manufacturer. Dinis is your best choice.
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There are many factors that affect the price of tagada ride, including size, design, purchase channel and so on. So you can purchase a disco tagada according to your budget and the size of your business place. But if you want to save the budget, you should choose a reliable manufacturer. Dinis has rich experience in production and sale, and we can recommend tagada dance rides for you.

After-sales Service of Dinis Crazy Tagada

We will provide you with detailed installation instructions and technical support. If you need, we can arrange professional engineers to your country to help you install and debug the equipment to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. In addition to sending you detailed installation instructions to help you install the device. Dinis will also provide you with high-quality after-sales service, including equipment warranty and maintenance. You can contact us at any time for technical support and maintenance services to ensure the tagada equipment  in good condition. The warranty period for the disco tagada ride and other rides we produce is one year. But even after the warranty period, we can provide you with technical support all the time. You can send us any questions you have when using or running your business, and we will solve or provide solutions for you in time.

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For tourists, there are two different ways to experience tagada amusement equipment. Some experienced tourists stand to experience the thrill of shaking. But for other people who have poor balance and fall easily, they prefer to sit and experience this disco ride. Our amusement tagada equipment is a great experience for tourists of all ages. There are large and mini tagada facilities for you. These two different sizes of devices have undergone rigorous safety testing before leaving the factory. You can buy the right crazy tagada rides from the manufacturer according to your budget. Dinis is your best choice. We will provide you with high-quality amusement facilities and good after-sales service. Welcome your inquiry and purchase.

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