This customer from Australia needs to buy a 40-seat trackless electric sightseeing train ride. He needs us to customize for him in terms of train shape, color, lights, music, doors, wheelchair carriage, etc. It is our most basic responsibility to ensure the safety of tourists, satisfy the visual experience of tourists, and ensure the experience of the disabled. Custom train rides for sale in Australia reflect the strength of Dinis. The following aspects can make you understand our 40 seat battery powered trackless tourist train ride.

custom trackless train for sale

Shape and Color of Custom Train Rides for Sale in Australia

The colors of the two 40-seat battery operated trackless trains chosen by the customer are red and white, green and white. The color combination of white and red or white and green is very simple, and the train looks good. The Australian customer purchased these two trains for a Christmas party. Red and green are the colors of Christmas. Therefore, the color matching of these two trains is just right for Christmas. So you can buy trains with suitable colors and shapes according to your business place or activities. And if you want to add some patterns on the train, we can also customize it for you.

large trackless train rides for sale

Custom Lights and Music

The lights of the train also have many colors for you to choose. You can choose a single color or a combination of colors. The colors chosen by this Australian customer are red, orange, green, purple, blue and more. At night, the lights are turned on and it is very beautiful. This 40-seater electric trackless sightseeing train will attract many tourists to experience it at night. In addition to lights, this train is also equipped with audio, and customers can play suitable music according to the occasion. Lighting and music will become the most attractive highlights for tourists. You will earn a lot if you buy this large electric trackless tourist train.

big trackless train amusement rides

Train Doors of Custom Train Rides for Sale in Australia

There are three types of carriage for each of our trains, one is fully enclosed, one is semi-enclosed, and the other is open. Fully enclosed carriages have windows and doors. The semi-enclosed compartment has only doors and no windows. However, The open carriage has no doors and windows, and only an iron chain or rope. The open compartment is more convenient for passengers to get on and off. The Australian customer chose an open cabin. If you are buying a large trackless train ride for a farm or a large amusement park or holiday party, you can choose open carriages. If there are many children in your business place, you can choose fully enclosed or semi-enclosed carriages. Any of our carriages can meet your needs.

Custom Wheelchair Carriage

Caring for the disabled is what each of us should do. Especially for some tourists who go to the amusement park in wheelchairs, we should take care of them. To this end, the last two rows of seats in the last carriage of each of our trains are removable. You can remove the last two rows of seats if there are visitors in wheelchairs. Doors at the back of the last car can be lowered to create a ramp from which wheelchairs can be pushed inside the train. This customer needed such a carriage. This can not only take care of the disabled but also give them a sense of experience.

custom trackless train

Dinis has rich experience in production and sale. We have also successfully customized many shapes, colors or functions for customers. Custom train rides for sale in Australia is a successful example. Whether you need us to customize patterns, capacity or other functions, we will try our best to meet your needs. Welcome your purchase.

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